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Saar Corvette with Barak-8 ADS deployed in Red Sea : Time for PN to take notes

Indian NAVY should also provide phull sapport

Yes immediate wife swapping party with Israeli navy is needed

Only issue is that Israeli navy guys wouldn't be ready to swap their wife with idol worshipers

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SHORADS can't intercept Supersonic Cruise Missiles.
It's long/medium range defence systems that can like Barak-8 and our Albatross NG
Nah it's shorad systems that can intercept supersonic cruise missile like US rolling airframe missile evolve sea sparrow Chinese hhq-10 all are shorad systems
Indian NAVY should also provide phull sapport
average indians dont influence strategic policies. indian NAVY is a professional force made up of well read men, its not like our people on twitter

barak 8 is one of the most advanced air defense systems in its class. a fruit of indo israeli cooperation
Why should Pakistan take note? Its not as if Pakistan realistically expects to fight with india lolz.
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