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Real reason why Modi govt has carried out surgical strike on your pockets


Modi has turned this into a "everyday India" since he said it will take 50 days:

Marriage season hit hard by demonetisation move goo.gl/n5xMYU

Modi's drive against corruption is 'without teeth and can't begin to scratch surface of the problems':Chinese media jantakareporter.com/world/modis-dr…

200% penalty on high cash deposits even BEFORE you file returns:

PM Modi turning emotional is "cheapness of worst limit": Cong:

'Ek bhi neta nahi dikha line mein':

No one carry bags to fund terrorism, it is more via online transfers: Sitaram Yechury responds.

Mofo Modi thought it is gonna be his masterstroke.
But when he saw the precarious situation all along India (which he did not foresee), he went into damage control.
And started doing NATAKBAZI, HAWABAZI in front of voters.

Money is well hidden in stocks bonds, bullion & real state. What can Modi do here?
Company fix deposit is accepted in cash (multiples of 50K each certificate)
Post offices accept up to 15 Lakhs.
Insiders hid their money few days prior.
Modi is only creating hardship for 99% Indian.

Can you explain how the gold jeweler and the Apple Store Owner will account for the sudden increase in cash? They will have to say that they got cash from Mr. XYZ as it will be mentioned in the bill
Disgruntled middle class this time:

Leaving Ambani & Adani types, Modi has fooked almost whole India.

Will Modi call BJP ally Shiv Sena corrupt: Sanjay Nirupam

Targeting Narendra Modi for branding Opposition parties, who criticised the demonetisation, as “corrupt”, Mumbai Congress President Sanjay Nirupam on Monday sought to know if the Prime Minister will apply the same yardstick for BJP’s ally Shiv Sena.

Demonetisation = 11 deaths so far.

Demonetisation: Cash-starved farmer ends life in frustration goo.gl/Fsd6PZ

Modi says poor are sleeping peacefully, Yechury responds, 'PM is living galaxy away from reality' jantakareporter.com/india/poor-sle…

Emergency session of Delhi Assembly tomorrow to discuss situation arising out of demonetisation: CM Kejriwal - PTI

Read why PM Modi’s currency ban is a Rs 60,000 crores scam! By @PreetiSMenon jantakareporter.com/blog/currency-

Note ban has led to 'financial chaos', say bank unions goo.gl/WAlFfN
Many foreign tourists are in limbo in India.
Poor souls do not know what to do with these dead rupee bills in hand, after they exchanged their hard currency.

Modi's ill conceived move has turned India upside down.

RBI governor U Patel was a financial advisor to Ambani's Reliance group, an insider, who must have passed all info to his former boss namely Ambani.

Since Indian DNA has not faced any surgical strike from Modi, so it is intact.
Wait for corruption to take a new turn now with easy to hide 2K bill.
People are sure of no more demonetisation for years to come.
The last such demonetisation came into force in 1978.

Corruption will never leave India.
Elections will never stop wherein thousands of crores of black money plays crucial role for India's political parties.

India is a mess and will remain so, as long as its PM is crook, which he is.

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