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Qasoor welcomes it's leader, maryum nawaz. "Few judges acting like justice Munir"

Patwari desperation is obvious as the morphed images by the PML N media cell.

Isn't Kasur the same city famous for child molestation? I'm sure they would want PMLN back in power.

میں نے تو سنا ہے کہ ہیرا منڈی کے تمام دلال اور طوا ٰئفیں نون لیگی سپورٹرز ہیں
Great!! Then go for elections. Why is PMLN so scared of elections?

Dont you find it strange that interim govt blocks all PTI political activity, harasses and arrests PTI workers but PMLN is doing election campaign under full protocol?

Even when all the fielding is set for PMLN, they are still peeing in their shalwars and running away from elections. If people of Pakistan decide, this will the last time these people will be in power.

By the way, it was dawat e iftar and that is why so many people came.
Actually if the crowd is there at the PMLN, Mariyam Jalsa it s a good thing, they will get this feeling that they have huge support and that they can win the elections against PTI and this will led them going for the elections.

So a support base, even if its the crowd pulled over here by govt. machinery can make them believe about PMLN winning and going for elections.

It's huge, let's go for the elections and beat the PTI.
Were their roads blocked with containers?.
Were they being arrested by police for carrying a political party banners?
Were they being tear gassed?

no they were brought in by police
If PMLN is so popular than why running away from elections
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