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PML-N has begun preparations to ‘welcome’ Nawaz: Rana Sana

Mota Nawaja could be the Crime Minister for the 4th time selected by GHQ. May be he
will get the 5th term if he is good, then it will be handed over to his daughter Maryam then
qatri ka beta Junaid.
Well, seeing how Suleman Shahbaz has successfully comeback and is 100% clean

So i have no doubts that Maryum, Nawaz Sharif will also come back soon to rule once again

This system will continue……

Bas Allah Allah kero bhaiyon, iss mulk ki yehi qismat ha…..ye aise he rahayga

Next elections…….PPP gets sindh, punjab and Islamabad to Nawaz, Balochistan and kpk to others

Bas ye aise he chalayga
By every day passing, seems more obvious that even after Bajwa we are going same direction

Kuch dinon mei hum Gen Bajwa kay zabardast daur ko yaad kerainge aur kahainge k he was the best coas we ever had!!

Main question:

How much and from where can the zardaris and mians loot and plunder this time? Konse funds london aur dubai jainge??

Seems that only the Money from ordinary civilians bank accounts remains to be looted……now loot the salaries, pensions etc of the ordinary civilians next!
They dont come back to loot, not much left there. They come back to make sure their foreign assets stay protected and so the nation can call them daddy and mummy.
These are not journalists, but the name of journalism is smeared..


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