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Disaster Response
Kratos, its an Islamabad based outfit.

I have by the grace of Allah worked on all the major disasters in Pakistan since 2005, also in Iran, Sri Lanka, Nepal and not ever taken a single selfie.

Its apathetic habit
Another example. Using Elite police / CTD patches.
Another example. Using Elite police / CTD patches.View attachment 944265
Yes I have seen these flops as well. Interesting that one of them is wearing a riggers rescue belt 😂.

On the subject of private security, by law their uniform MUST be navy blue, no other color unless they are "personal guards" not owned or managed by a private security company.
A question to those who know… What is wrong with these two photos. 😊
View attachment 944152
View attachment 944153

IYKYK, also I’m not a fan of private security wallas wearing SSG wings on their uniform. Once you’re retired, you’re a civilian plain and simple, symbols of security services and elite units should not be repurposed by private entities to avoid confusion and bringing service into disrepute.
I can point out dozens of things but, I prefer not to cuz some guy or gal who was trained in any capacity LE or Military thinks that what he/she learned 10 years ago still relevant today.
12th National Rescue competition won by volunteers from Gujranwala 1122:


Dir: Rescue 1122 conducted Army trauma training cadre 2023:




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