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Per capita income falls to $2,765

Kanglus should better start finding excuses to tell their people that they are and will remain backward because within a decade gap will become so large that no monkey balancing will work
Lindus should start building toilets so they don't shit on the road
Lmao keep on proving yourself a kanglu now that your propaganda is busted.

Keep on changing topics I know you have no logical arguement to back your propaganda up

We're well aware of Bangladesh economic conditions

Nothing to do with GDP or per capita GDP.

Better focus on bringing down open defection by Indians.
I hope BD folks simply ignore these drive by posters.
These guys start trolling with umbilical cords attached !
With a little over $2,500 per capita, Indians go to jungles and drains to relieve themselves. Many Indians have no basic amenities to improve their living conditions.

BD people with $2,470 per capita live a better life than Indians. The GoB should ask the international authorities to take into account this factor in the calculation of per capita GDP.

The Authority should deduct $1,000 per capita from the Indian figure to make it $1,500 per capita.

I heard recently millions of public toilets were made for the Gangedeshis as open defecation is a disease in the bhindi gangedeshi gene.

Yet still Gangedeshis refuse to take advantage of free public toilets rather they preffer to continue unload shit in the open.

Even in the west ive seen ganges bent over relieving themselves then casually going on as if nothing had happened. Caught a gange or 2 doing it at a public park. This is america and these are gange of upper class…

I heard a saying once, you can take the gange out of shit but you cannot take the shit out of the gange.

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