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Pakistani sports world records

Starting off with Men's field hockey.
Sohail Abbas holds the world record of scoring most goals in international matches with 348 goals.
  • Cricket
Pakistan has won

1 One Day World Cup

1 T20 World Championship

1 Champions Trophy where they defeated India in finals to become champions giving reply to all the trolls of “Mauka Mauka. Cricket has no boundaries and no religion. Having intense hatred for a country because of something happened in past is wrong



^^ 1992 famous victory with imran khan as captain.


Champions trophy image ^^


^^^2 cricket Asia cups


T20 winners ^^^

  • Field hockey
Pakistan won 4 Hockey World Cups in 1971,1978,1982,1994. 3 Gold medals in Olympics 1960,1968,1984. Other than field hockey Pakistan has not won any Olympic medal


^^^1971 First world cup win


2nd world cup win 1978


1982 3rd world cup win




^^^1994 winning World Cup at AstroTurf. 4th world cup win

  • Squash
14 times Jahangir Khan won squash championship. And 6 time team world champions.

  • Canoe Kayak - Abubakar Durrani and Shoaib Khilji are Pakistan National Kayaking Champions.
  • Baseball-Two time Asia Cup winners. They have qualified for world cups many times but never won
  • Snooker- Muhammad Asif (Winner of ISBF World Snooker Championship)
So, there is more than cricket in Pakistan too also Gama Pehalwan from Amritsar was from India but then took Pakistan citizenship he never lost any wrestling match. He was real life sultan
Men's field hockey.
Pakistan has won 4 times
The most in the world.
Starting off with Men's field hockey.
Sohail Abbas holds the world record of scoring most goals in international matches with 348 goals.
Sohail Abbas, a former field hockey player from Pakistan, holds the world record for scoring the most goals in international matches with a total of 348 goals. Abbas played for the Pakistan national team from 1994 to 2012 and was known for his powerful drag flicks, which accounted for many of his goals. His record-breaking feat was achieved in 2011 during a match against arch-rivals India, where he scored a hat-trick to surpass the previous record held by Dutch player Paul Litjens. Abbas is considered one of the greatest field hockey players of all time and remains an inspiration to many aspiring players around the world another side if we see the interesting thing about shirts
Men's field hockey is a sport that is played between two teams of 11 players each. The objective of the game is to score more goals than the opposing team. The game is played on a rectangular field with a goal at each end
Starting off with Men's field hockey.

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