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L-3 Harris Technologies won a $584 million contract
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for production, engineering services, and repair support for the ALQ-211(V) 4, (V) 8, (V) 9 Advanced Integrated Defensive Electronic Warfare Suite (AIDEWS). This contract provides for AIDEWS block cycle software development, engineering support, technical orders, system integrity and travel. Work will be performed at Clifton, New Jersey, and is expected to be completed April 2, 2028. This contract involves Foreign Military Sales to Pakistan, India, Poland, Chile, Oman, Turkey, Iraq, and Morocco.
I have flown in just about everything, with all kinds of pilots in all parts of the world -- British, French, Pakistani, Iranian, Japanese, Chinese -- and there wasn't a dime's worth of difference between any of them except for one unchanging, certain fact: the best, most skillful pilot has the most experience.
-- Chuck Yeager
Iranian Cadets undergoing advanced jet training on PAF T-33 jets from Pre-Revolution Era. PAF & IIAF used to enjoy very close relations back then.


Recently in 2018, IRAF cadets also underwent advanced jet training on K-8Ps at PAF Academy Asghar Khan.
Today on 10th April, in 1959, PAF drew the first blood over sub-continent when an IAF Canberra (IP-988) from 106 Sqn was shot down over Rawalpindi by Flt Lt Yunis from No 15 'Cobra' Squadron. Today, this unit is equipped with the latest J-10CE fighter, ready to repeat the history.

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