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PAF Reveals Loitering Smart Munitions


Nov 9, 2009
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PAF Official showing the display of Kagem V3 Loitering Smart Munition to the visiting JCSC Chairman. The product is a joint Pak-Turkey project.

PAF Official showing the display of Kagem V3 Loitering Smart Munition to the visiting JCSC Chairman. The product is a joint Pak-Turkey project.

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An all-new drone-launched missile, the KaGeM-V3 has been displayed at a defense event in Pakistan indicating that the country already has the missile or is in the process of acquiring one.
The KaGeM-V3 has a range of more than 200km. It is said to be an upgraded version of the KEMANKES cruise missile which was displayed at the Technofest event in Turkey.
Pakistan Air Force published video of KaGeM V3, AKINCI combat drone and various aircraft and missiles with BAYKAR logo.
The missile is estimated to be quite heavy and large compared to the KEMANKEŞ Missile, which weighs 30kg. It is envisaged that the KaGeM V3 missile will have a turbojet missile engine. It is possible that the missile was exported to Pakistan or is being jointly developed with Pakistan, SavunmaSanayiST.com reported.
KEMANKES is a winged floating ammunition. It will be armed AKINCI TİHA, BAYRAKTAR TB2 and BAYRAKTAR TB3 SİHAs.
KEMANKEŞ KAGEM, which has an airtime of 1 hour, can quickly head towards its target thanks to its turbojet engine. KAGEM, which also has the ability to perform autonomous flight, has been specially designed to destroy strategic targets behind the front.
KEMANKES, equipped with artificial intelligence-assisted optical guidance, can operate up to an altitude of 18,000ft. The normal cruising speed of the ammunition, which can dive to its target with a maximum speed of 0.7 Mach, is 0.3 Mach.
With a length of 1.73m and a wingspan of 1.25m, KEMANKES KAGEM can carry a useful load of 6kg. Circulating ammunition with a maximum weight of 30kg; It is equipped with a camera system with 2-axis stabilization, 36x zoom and a laser rangefinder with a range of 2.8km. It is estimated that BAYKAR is also working on heavier and longer ranged ammunition.
Certain weapons are designed for particular targets. Pakistan was supplied latest Vipers as means to fight WOT but sadly Talibans don't have an AirForce so had to use the AMRAAM elsewhere....know what I mean .
If they don't have an airforce that's even better; just drop bombs on them unchallenged
Loitering ammunition is an interesting topic. to redirect an ammo within shortest time..

Any details on how loitering ammo works ?
even for TTP.. there wd be repercussions too whether we use these inside Afg or Pak.
Pakistanis are too culturally passive due to centuries of colonial domestication which is my honest view. This can easily be changed but it does require a systematic effort from civil-military leadership.

You will never see such pacifist behaviour from countries like Turkey or even Afghanistan, they are incredibly aggressive to anyone who threatens their interests - especially anyone that violates their sovereignty
I am talking about TTP for now.

I mean, what if we actually want to keep TTP around to earn protection money from US?

That's why probably F-16's were used last year to bomb Afghan targets to show US the ongoing usefulness of such platform. If smart loitering munitions would have been used to take out Afghan targets, that may put ongoing technical support for F-16s from US in jeopardy.
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