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Never seen a team or a player stoop so low

Shameful, I hope the Bangladesh Team apologizes to Sri Lanka for this behavior. They owe them and the cricketing world an apology.

I will copy and paste my response from the other thread. I won't bother responding to the delusional Indians who are masters of Mankading ( in fact it is named after one of theirs), and yet trying to take the spirit of the game high ground. The Hindutva turd has overcome their cognitive abilities. This thread is not intended to discuss about sports.

This wasn't a dead rubber. Champions Trophy spot is on the line. Most importantly, Bangladesh needed to win because of the nightmarish world cup they are having.

I agree the optics does not look good, but BD was already 2 overs behind at that point. Sri Lanka would have enjoyed the benefit of 1 less outfielder at the death as a result of it. Would they have not taken the advantage then? Would they have not taken those extra runs? Bangladesh has already been penalized once already for slow over rate against England and had to keep one less outfielder outside 30 yards towards the end of the innings, in addition to getting 5% match fee docked.

Besides, Sri Lankans shouldn't be acting all spirit of the cricket BS when they Mankaded Joss Butler in 2014. Who was the captain then? Angelo Matthews.

Angelo is a veteran. He should have known better. At least Ramiz Raza, Harsha Bhogle and Michael Vaughn thinks that way. Instead of asking for permission from umpires or even talking to opposing captain he headed towards the pavilion to get another helmet. He was late coming to the pitch as well. Umpires have their own timer and according to their timer he was late. Doesn't matter the screenshots he is sharing. There is a rule, they should take it up with ICC.

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Stupid game with stupid rules. Bangladesh really should not have done that, thats too low. Even low by indian standards.
The Bangladesh team and its fans are emotional fools. That's the reason why nobody respects them, India used to support them when it was a small team, but now it's just a nuisance.
Also, that's why this video is the most popular cricketing video on the internet.
World Cup Winning Captain MS Dhoni upholding Spirit of Cricket. When loud Boo's for Dhoni turned to massive respected standing ovation in a minute.Lessons to future captains.

Be like Dhoni not ShakibAlHasan

Incident happened in 2nd Test of India tour of England in 2011, In last ball of Tea Break on day 3 when England was playing their 2nd Innings where Ian Bell was batting on 137. Ian Bell went on to hit a ball towards Praveen Kumar. His dodgy fielding made it look like a boundary though the ball stopped just a few inches before the rope. Bell who was assured of four so went towards dug out for tea and Dhoni ran him out. This angered English fans who boo-ed #IndianCricketTeam. As match resumed after tea crowd again boo-ed Umpires and Dhoni led Indian team but to their surprise #England team was giving standing ovation. To surprise of crowd Ian Bell came out to bat as Dhoni had withdrawn his appeal upholding Spirit of Game and whole crowd who Boo-ed Dhoni went on to give standing ovation to the team.In the era of Shakib Al Hasan who Timed Out Angelo Mathews there is MSD who pulled back the appeal.


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