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Gulberg Elevated Expressway to be funded by ADB: LDA

Lahore Development Authority (LDA) Director General (DG) Amir Ahmad Khan has said that the Gulberg Elevated Expressway project will be funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the news sources reported on February 15.

The director general revealed this following a meeting with a four-member delegation of ADB, which met to discuss the funding options and the project’s scope. On the occasion, DG Amir said that the Gulberg Elevated Expressway will be a flagship project for the city.

According to LDA DG Amir, the project’s goals are to improve traffic flow in a busy area of Lahore and link traffic to the city’s entrance and exit points. The participants were also briefed by LDA Chief Engineer-I Israr Saeed Khan on the project’s design elements and potential environmental effects.

It is important to note that the Gulberg Elevated Expressway project’s Project Concept 1 (PC-1) was approved in 2020. The 10.5-kilometre-long track will cost PKR 85 billion and will connect Gulberg Main Boulevard with the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2), bypassing Shadman, Samanabad, Ferozepur Road, and Gulshan Ravi.
Work is going fast on the Shahdara Multigrade Separation Project.
A total of 20 out of 172 girders have been cast for first and second class flyover at Shahdara turn.



625 out of 864 pillars of Samanabad underpass project have been completed. Rest of the pillars will also be completed soon..
LDA teams are working day and night for the completion of the project.



Kalma Chowk project ‘almost’ complete

Khalid Hasnain
April 12, 2023

LAHORE: The Punjab Central Business District Development Authority (PCBDDA) has ‘almost’ completed the Rs5 billion Kalma Chowk Remodeling Project, opening the Central Business District (CBD) Punjab Boulevard and Upper roads of the Centre Point and CBD underpassee for motorists.

With the completion of the project, motorists have now a signal-free drive from Barkat Market (Garden Town) to Cavalry via Kalma Chowk, Centre Point and Lal Shahbaz Qalandar underpasses and Barkat Market to Mozang and Cantt via Kalma Chowk Underpass.

The construction work on the project started in the first week of December after the contractor mobilised the machinery and labour, etc, to the site in the last week of November.

According to the officers concerned, the construction works related to the underpasses originating from Kalma Chowk Underpass and ending at the CBD high-rise project area and the centre point leading to Firdaus market are at final stages. It will provide a hassle-free entry to the business district.

PCBDDA Executive Director (Technical) Riaz Hussain said with the completion of the CBD, Gulberg Main Boulevard, underpasses’ upper roads and several allied works, the project is “almost” complete now.

“We’re currently focusing on the completion of underpass-1 that originates from Kalma Chowk Underpass, takes a right turn and finally connects the CBD and the centre point underpass leading to Firdaus market,” Mr Hussain maintained.

He said the project has been completed with a 24/7 working model in a transparent way.The project has two underpasses after crossing the Kalma Chowk Underpass (while heading toward Gulberg from Barkat Market, giving a signal-free access to motorists to the CBD project area and Ali Zeb Road to move toward Firdaus Market.

With the completion of the project, the Gulberg main boulevard is now a complete signal-free corridor from Barkat Market to Siddique Trade Centre and then the entire Jail Road till Qartaba Chowk / Mozang.

The project aims to allow seamless access to the CBD at Walton while avoiding disruption to the existing traffic in the vicinity. The project’s first underpass (from Barkat Market to CBD area at Walton) is of 285 meters length having two barrels (each of 35 feet width with around 17 feet vertical clearance). The project’s two-lane underpass-2 turning toward Ali Zeb Road from Centre Point measuring 632 metre have two barrels (38 feet wide each) and 5.1 metre vertical clearance (around 17 feet, fit for all light and heavy transport to passing though easily).
Construction is at an advanced stage at Dolmen Mall in Lahore,

Dolmen Mall in Lahore, is taking shape and construction is at an advanced stage, as these new pictures show.


This 75,000m² GLA shopping centre, located within the Defence Housing Authority grounds, will revolutionise the shopping experience in Pakistan.

Dolmen Mall will offer three levels of retail, a hypermarket, cafés, restaurants, themed food streets, food courts, and leisure and entertainment facilities. There will also be two levels of basement parking for 2,000 cars
Pakistan Gets Asia’s First ‘Blue Road’ in Lahore by Central Business District Punjab..
These innovative roads have a coating that repels sunlight and reduces heat soaking. The reflective coating enhances nighttime driver visibility and improves road safety.

Pakistan Gets First ‘Blue Road’ in Lahore by Central Business District.

These innovative roads have a coating that repels sunlight and reduces heat soaking. The reflective coating enhances nighttime driver visibility and improves road safety.

CEO CBD Punjab Imran Amin said, “We are excited to introduce the Blue Road concept in Pakistan, which has already been implemented successfully in several European..


Plan to resume land acquisition for elevated expressway in Lahore

Khalid Hasnain
June 11, 2023

LAHORE: The Punjab government has decided to revive the land acquisition process for the Lahore metropolitan city’s major urban infrastructure project — Gulberg-Babu Sabu elevated expressway — and directed the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) to complete it at the earliest.

The process was stopped in 2017 following a strong resistance put up by the residents of Gulberg, Shadman and Gulshan-i-Ravi and other localities against the proposed construction while lack of funds was among other issues.

Now the cost of the project has also risen massively from Rs18 billion to Rs85 billion.

“At present, the revised PC-1 of the project worth Rs85 billion is being discussed in the Punjab Planning & Development Department. The government has also written to the Election Commission of Pakistan to allow launch of this project,” the official said. Let see what happens next, as we have been told to complete the land acquisition process. We have started telling the affectees to get compensation and give possession of the land to the government.

“If completed, the people would have a signal free access to motorway within 8 to 10 minutes from Gulberg,” he added.
Under Construction, FOREST V Residential Apartments on Jail Road, Lahore....





Under Construction Samanabad Underpass Lahore in Final Stages....
Street lights operational, barrels & side ramps asphalt work fully completed. Lane markings in place. Horticulture work progressing,.

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