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Kabul calls Pakistan’s decision to expel undocumented Afghan nationals ‘unacceptable’


Mar 21, 2007
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Kabul calls Pakistan’s decision to expel undocumented Afghan nationals ‘unacceptable’

October 4, 2023


Afghan Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid on Wednesday said Pakistan’s decision to expel undocumented Afghan nationals was “unacceptable” and urged authorities to revisit the policy.

The statement comes a day after the caretaker government gave an ultimatum to all undocumented immigrants, including Afghan nationals, to leave Pakistan by October 31, or risk imprisonment and deportation to their respective countries.

The decision was taken in an apex committee meeting headed by Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar and attended by the army chief, among others. The committee also decided that movement across the border would be subject to passports and visas, while electronic Afghan identity cards (or e-tazkiras) would only be accepted until Oct 31.

After the passage of the deadline, the authorities would kickstart an operation targeting illegal properties and businesses owned by immigrants or those being run in collaboration with Pakistani nationals.

In a statement posted on social media platform X (erstwhile Twitter) in both Urdu and English today, Mujahid said the treatment of Afghan refugees in Pakistan was unacceptable and authorities should revise their policy in this regard.

“Afghan refugees are not involved in Pakistan’s security problems,” he stated, adding that as long as they leave Pakistan voluntarily, “that country should tolerate them”.

The Pakistani Foreign Office has yet to issue a statement on this matter.

Around 1.3 million Afghans are registered refugees in Pakistan and 880,000 more have legal status to remain, according to the latest United Nations figures. However, the government claims that a further 1.7 million Afghans are in Pakistan illegally.

In addition to the Afghan spokesperson’s criticism, the policy announcement has triggered concern from several quarters.

In a post on X today, former PPP senator Farhatullah Babar said the government was “once again playing football with refugees” and “manipulating for some other objectives”.

“Doomed to end in a backlash. Tripartite agreement allows only voluntary repatriation,” he added.

A day earlier, the Afghanistan Embassy in Islamabad accused Punjab and Sindh police of conducting a “ruthless” operation against Afghan refugees, without distinguishing between genders and even arresting women and children.

In a statement posted on X on Tuesday, Afghanistan’s embassy said more than 1,000 Afghans have been detained in the past two weeks — half of them despite having a legal right to be in Pakistan.

In addition, Amnesty International also called out the Pakistani government for creating a space of ‘fear’ for refugees.

A United Nations official also opposed the deadline. “Any refugee return must be voluntary and without any pressure to ensure protection for those seeking safety,” Qaisar Khan Afridi, an official of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) told Anadolu Agency.

He said that the UNHCR was prepared to assist Pakistan in establishing a system for overseeing and recording individuals seeking international protection within its borders and addressing “specific vulnerabilities”.

The discourse comes amid the state’s crackdown on Afghan refugees.

September has seen an alarming rise in the rounding up and detention of Afghan refugees. The government cites illegal immigration and rising crime as the reasons behind the crackdown.

Police and politicians have said a recent round-up targets only those without legal status and is in response to rising crime and poor regulation of immigration that is straining resources. Meanwhile, Afghans say the arrests have been indiscriminate.

Ye wo-he bhosari wala spokesman hai jo pichlay aik saal say bohot batey chood raha tha...?

What happened? Sari hawa nikal gaee.

After expelling 'em, close the Borders. Tell them to get supplies from Iran and/or Northside.

Lug-pata jaey ga.
Why is it unacceptable? You have created your dreamed emirate after 20 years of war, now you should be able to take your citizens back. Why do you feel entitled that another country must keep your citizens?
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Any deadline or is just another news .....
Pakistanis don't know how to do things
They can't control the talibans
Can't figure out the refugee problem
And on top of all of it

Letting half of the economy move under the books that is run by 26 over lords or corps commanders

Seem they are just looking for another international bail out or something but it won't come this time

All afghan transit trade and all legal and illegal afghan trade through money goes to army

Don't believe me, just ask any truck driver
..I mean surely all of them can't lie

What is it unacceptable? You have created your dreamed emirate after 20 years of war, now you should be able to take your citizens back. Why do you feel entitled that another country must keep your citizens?
Afghans are source of lot of illegal and under the book money..money that's used to built islands of shore..so no it's just drama may be expecting an international bail out again as it will be big crisis if 4-6 millions afghans are pushed out

They are almost 3-4 lac Pakistanis of Bengalis origin that's another problem
Anyway any country that has loyal people to cause ultimately ends up developing

I won't be surprised that in 10-20 years Afghanistan is more developed than Pakistan

They have zero corruption and enough resources that just need exploration and law and order

Pakistan also have largest coal copper and gold resources that has made several corps commanders and sardars billionaires

Chromium for example has been under the table traded for decades now with 100% revenues going to local corps commanders

So is the oil trade and Afghanistan transit trade
Unfortunate decision by the interim government of Pakistan.

I call upon both interim governments to formulate a border management system and return of Afghan refugees who are willing to return to their country.
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Border trade halts after Pakistan imposes restrictions on Afghans

November 21, 2023

PESHAWAR: Trade was halted Tuesday at border crossings between Pakistan and Afghanistan after Islamabad imposed stricter immigration rules on commercial vehicle drivers and crew, officials said.

The Pakistan government has launched a massive operation against undocumented Afghans living in the country, alongside a crackdown on cross-border smuggling.

Nearly 350,000 Afghans – many born in refugee camps in Pakistan – have returned voluntarily or been deported since the order to leave was issued last month.

On Tuesday, Pakistan said it would no longer allow Afghans to enter unless they had valid passports and visas, ending their ability to visit using only their national identity cards or driver’s licences.

“In response, the Afghan government has also stopped the entry of all types of commercial vehicles from the other side,” said a Pakistani official at the northern Torkham border, asking not to be named.

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