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Jahangir Tareen's new party to be named ‘Istehkam-e-Pakistan’

Ahh spot the goat hearder who spends his days sucking nawaz shreef. If only your father knew what a condom was. Ja gandoo. Welcome to ignore. Lotay baap ka gandoo puttar
:sarcastic: پروفائیل فوٹو میں اپنا سیکنڈ ہینڈ پچھواڑہ دکھا کے کتنے پیسے بنا چکی ہو بلبل

Ahh spot the goat hearder who spends his days sucking nawaz shreef. If only your father knew what a condom was. Ja gandoo. Welcome to ignore. Lotay baap ka gandoo puttar
میرے پاس تیرے جیسی بلبل کی جگہ بھی ہے۔ کبھی آؤ نا خوشبو لگا کے چکنی
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Sorry for replying to this despite being an outsider but what a sorry state of affairs this is man. Despite all the hulla boo of bringing all institutions under elected representatives, this is the best what political parties in Pak can do ? Getting into an arrangement with the army to come to power and not cross the red line ? Damn

Outsiders often have the disengaged perspective which is more valuable than the insider partisans. Just look at the thread where PTI fanbois have suggested that Imran should make a fortress in KPK right now and launch his offensive against the military. With Imran dissolving the Punjab and the KPK Assemblies, he lost huge leverage just like he lost huge leverage by resigning from the NA. Launching an offensive from KPK? Even if Imran was in power in KPK, he would be crushed in a minute. The State of Pakistan is a brutal, powerful organization which faces no less than India on daily bases on various levels. Imran is not even an ant for them.

About your post: Indeed, if all political parties had gathered on one side then the Establishment would be significantly more limited in what it could do right now. But Imran's mighty ego came in the way of that. Both PPP and PMLN have been bitten multiple times by the Establishment--facing executions, deportations, flogging, endless court hearings, penalties, loss of image and reputation, and prolonged imprisonments starting from Zia ul Haq in 1977. THEY were Imran's natural allies! Politics is the art of the possible. But Imran is Imran! The self-assured demi-God who knows everything from astronomy to neurosurgery to political science to the economy to ...

Here is an account given by a politician about Imran's ego: When India was threatening Pakistan after Pulwarna 2019, there was a meeting of all political parties and the military brass to come up with responses. Imran refused to go to even that most important meeting because he didn't want to be seen sitting with the Opposition or shake hands with them. A sitting PM of Pakistan doing that!!
The first blow to the Jahangir Tareen group was the first wicket fell before the party yet to be registered.
Bisharat Randhawa's expressed disaffiliation with the Party,
Sources say that Randhawa brothers informed this to Jahangir Tareen,
Lala Tahir Randhawa was among the first and most important leaders to join the Tareen group.
Zaleel Tareen Party full of lotas will also meet the same fate 13 previous parties are now facing.
Zaleel Tareen Party will only split PDM votes nothing more.
Zaleel Tareen Party full of lotas will also meet the same fate 13 previous parties are now facing.
Zaleel Tareen Party will only split PDM votes nothing more.

IPP will make seat adjustment with PmlN, Pmlq, in Punjab. Their plan is to steal PTI vote bank via IPP. PPP stood independently in 2018 elections so most likely the fight will be between Pmln/IPP/Pmlq v PPP v PTI.
We can debate the effectiveness of his decisions but what he did was a constitutional option. Once again, We can gauge it's effectiveness by seeing whether his approval rating went up or down. As the only accountability is the vote. (as long as you aren't committing a crime, which dissolving the assemblies isn't).

Be that as it may, we can't dismiss it completely. It's no different than this forum. It has it ugly side but then, those are real people with opinions and votes.


That's because you are making the fatal presumption that the deep state is fundamentally good and different in its nature and interests than said characters. Most of us here used to do the same, until we got a rude awakening.

That I must disagree with because the logic is faulty. And you the correct answer is right there in your statement. People didn't blame the army for Nawaz sharif in 2017 the same way they didn't do it in 1999. He is an uncharismatic hack, who made an empire due to his particular mentorship and by having apnay banday in all section of govt at levels. He is also widely despised, not only by the likes of me, but people sucha s yourself too. A significant number of people were relieved to see him go, on both occassion.

IK doesn't have that issue. You can call it a cult, if you like. But the fact is repeating the script with IK, a popular leader, albeit down at that particular moment, proved to be a little less easy than with Nawaz sharif. What's different this time is the people felt their mandate and rights were shamelessly violated. And then the establishment doubled down, which is what did the most damage. In the first two months since his ouster, this were not nearly as bad. The direction of events became clearer during the crackdown in the days leading up to 25th May.

Nice to meet you, Fish. I am Spiveyzai.

Drexluddin Khan Spiveyzai

BTW, I thought Jake went well with Bob. :D
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In either case when Nawaz sharif was removed their was blatant mistake by him

In 2017 he became part of global scandal that toppled several people around the world

In 1998 he literally refused to allow a airplane low infuel to land anywhere in Pakistan (caught on audio)
Well, that makes it okay.

Exactly, since it happened to PML-N and PPP, PTI should have just shut up and took it up the tailpipe too.

Yup. He should have been a good little boy for the rest of his time on Earth. Even after his benefactor joined with his arch-rivals and some from his own ranks to butt-**** him. That makes sense.

Silly Imran Khan. I wish I could have told him not to abduct, torture, threaten to rape families of, kill and otherwise alienate the followers of single largest and only federal political party of Pakistan.

No one guy can do it all. Esp not someone elected by the collective wisdom of tens of millions of ill-informed voters victims of 5th Generation Warfare. No, sir. No one guy do it.

A group of people can. Esp a group of patriotic, well-meaning, like-minded people with Pakistan's best interest at heart. Call it a conference. Like a corps commanders conference, maybe?

@RescueRanger , how far off the mark, am I?
You’re not far off. Let me tell you this, this new flavour of Pepsi is going to be a flop. 😂

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Fawad Chaudhry landed on the sun at night, because it is very hot there during the day..


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