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Israel's tweet on India's victory against Pakistan

2.Hamas lost the media war and only Iran and Qatar support them now.

Not even Qatar. They are only tied to Iran as they don't partake in proxy wars against it. They may remain neutral in any attack on Iran but apparently they might be open to direct flights.

Either way i think Iran is a way bigger threat to Pakistan than Israel ever was. That's why I support this Arab Gulf and Israeli coalition.

The Americans were too slow to act against Iran. But the solution is not bombing Iran, rather supporting Iranian freedom fighters in overthrowing their government.
Hamas destroyed the myth of the strong super duper IDF.
Are you that naive? All the UAV surveillance,the satellites,Iron Dome,the radars,the outposts,the patrols,the radios...the intelligence,they were even tipped by the Egyptians and nothing worked that specific night and morning. And you think that is a coincidence?

But since IDF is a bitch now it attacks civilians because you see they are angry because they were raped by hamas and they lost their minds.
They always retaliated by bombing harshly. What made you think that they wouldn't get angry NOW and do the same but on a larger scale?

Zio lies : )
Anyway hamas won everything .. protests everywhere chanting their name .. they have won.
Again,what are you even talking about? I asked you,what did they gain strategically?

"protests chanting their name"...they're not chanting Hamas,they're protesting about Palestine. And that has happened hundreds of times in the past,did it change anything? Absolutely nothing.

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