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Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline (IPP) News & Updates.

The same way India is paying in billions of dollars for the oil it is buying - despite the sanctions.
The same way China is paying despite the sanctions.

The excuse of sanctions being used by GoP is a lie and a farce. If they wanted to they could have gone ahead with the trade..
My point exactly , tottally agree with u on this one
pakistan govt as usual is the usual obstacle

Sir the facts are on the ground. Whether you choose to look at them or not is your decision.

1. Pakistan signed the deal with Iran when sanctions were already present.
2. Pakistan stuck with the deal while Iran was building its side of the pipeline - again while sanctions were already present.
3. Suddenly when the Government in Pakistan changed, Pakistan says 'sanctions' are the reason why it can not go ahead with the deal.

4. This despite the fact that notably India and China are paying billions of dollars to Iran each year as payment for oil.

Whichever way you choose to look at it, there is no escaping these facts.

Really would like to know whats happening if anything on the pipeline front
Also instead of abdullah diwana puray shaddi ki bjai some logical answer from the suppsedly fauji guy????/
Will Pakistan pay penalty or some sort of extension is being sought?
Yes we will give them money as we did not hold our end of deal, Pakistani government cannot be trusted for any business dealings
Yes we will give them money as we did not hold our end of deal, Pakistani government cannot be trusted for any business dealings

I do not think, Iran will take this case to arbitration court so there will be no payment as such. Iran Pakistan relations are not at such a level. At most, Iran will abandon the pipeline for export purposes and uses it as part of its internal gas supply network. But surely, if the deal does not go through, next time, Pakistan wants to have a gas/oil deal, it will have to arrange funding for the construction of Iran's portion of the pipeline as well.
China, Pakistan sign gas pipeline deal for Iran imports

China has signed a deal with Pakistan to construct a pipeline to take Iran’s gas at border and take it across the country to the southern port of Gwadar.

The value of the deal – that has been signed during the visit by the Chinese President Xi Jinping to Islamabad – is $2 billion.

It has now officially paved the grounds for the resumption of exports of Iranian natural gas to Pakistan – a project that has been delayed for years.

Known as the Peace Pipeline, the project is meant to transfer natural gas from Iran’s energy hub of Assaluyeh to Pakistan. Iran has already taken the pipeline to the border with its eastern neighbor. However, Pakistan had so far failed to construct its share of the project due to what officials say has been a lack of funds.

“We’re building it,” Pakistani Petroleum Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi told The Wall Street Journal, referring to the pipeline. “The process has started.”

PressTV-China, Pakistan sign gas pipeline deal
Let's see how Pakistan priorities it's interests, Politics or Economy!

Inefficiencies in power sector cost Pakistan $18b | The Express Tribune
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s economy sustained $18 billion losses due to inefficiencies of the power sector, finds a new report of the World Bank and urges the policymakers to avoid increasing electricity tariffs as a solution to the sector’s fiscal problems.

“Reforms must go beyond liberalising energy prices to address several aspects of the power sector distortions,” stated the report titled “In the Dark: How Much Do Power Sector Distortions Cost South Asia”. The World Bank launched the report on Wednesday at its local country office and recommended prioritising gas allocation for efficient power generation and adopting tariff mechanisms that encourage performance as solutions to the problem.
Yes we will give them money as we did not hold our end of deal, Pakistani government cannot be trusted for any business dealings

You would never state this on Chinese and Saudi investments issues.

Subject matter is opposite case of investment, millions were wasted by Pakistan and still counting.

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