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Indonesian defense equipment and arms exports

If you can expand why you dont trust the radar what do you mean by that?
1st lack of documentation about it's capability and the specification are not published.
2nd if our armed forces was reluctant to become the first user of that radar , means they still can't provide the needs of our armed forces requirement .
3rd indonesia barely had decent semiconductor research or industry in this field of radar development
One NC 212 is ordered by US company operating in Congo. Revealed by Indonesian Aerospace Director during company anniversary celebration some days ago. AlhamduliLLAH.

Malaysian Air Force has sent one of their CN 235 to undergo conversion into MPA/MSA role at PT Dirgantara Indonesia complex. Base on the plan, there will be two Malaysian Air Force CN 235 that will be converted into MPA/MSA plane



Malaysian Air Force official website

Published: 22 November 2020
CN235 maritime Patrol Aircraft for Senegal Air Force


Recently noted at Bandung/Husein Sastranegara Internal Airport (Indonesia) is this first CN235-220MPA Maritime Patrol Aircraft for the Armée de l'Air du Senegal (Senegalese Air Force).

The aircraft, still with Indonesian test registration AX-2348 and construction number N069, is expected to take up the Senegalese serial 6W-TTD.

It seems that Senegal has ordered two MPAs with PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Indonesian Aerospace). Photos from an aircraft overview planning board of the AdlA du Senegal showed serials 6W-TTD and 6W-TTE.

Currently, Senegal has two transport versions of the CN235 in its inventory. Both tarnsporters, CN235-220AT 6W-TTB (c/n N015) and CN235-220M 6W-TTC (c/n N065) are both operated by the Escadre de Transport at Dakar/Yoff.

Photo: Abdiel I R

Possible exports deal for next year (2021) are :

(PT Dirgantara Indonesia)

Another CN 235 MPA for Senegalese as the negotiation has been scheduled to take place in January 2021. Possible export of CN 235 transport for Bangladesh although I dont know how many they are going to buy and the tender has already been announced just weeks ago.

(PT Pindad)

Possible export of Anoa APC for Pakistan that could become a very large deal considering Pakistan need and its buying history, at least around 200-300 APC is very possible.


2 LPD vessel (Makassar class) for Philippine and PT PAL is currently already passing second stage of valuation in the tender.
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FERRY FLIGHT CN235-220 MPA SENEGAL AIR FORCE From PTDI Bandung to Dakar Senegal 19 March 2021.

Senegal has operated CN 235 made by PTDI for the last 10 years and satisfied with the plane, and it is why there is repeat order for MPA version that is now flying to Senegal. I hope the flight is a success and the plane can land in the Senegal safely.
Alhamdulillah the plane has arrived in Dhakar, Senegal, safely. I dont know the arrival date but this YT channel published it 4 days ago (March 31).

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Third Malaysian CN 235 has arrived in Bandung to undergo conversion program from transport type into MPA/MSA type. The plane has been operated by Malaysian Air Force for 20 years and made by Indonesian Aerospace. So currently there are three Malaysian Air Force CN 235 in Indonesian Aerospace to undergo conversion program.



Look like PT PAL is confident to win contract for LPD tender for Philippine navy. These are orders taken by PT PAL in 2020. All orders are calculated in Rupiah. Philippine hasnt made the order effective, so we see the audited version hasnt shown it yet.

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