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Indonesian defense equipment and arms exports


Nov 20, 2014
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This is a thread to track and discuss Indonesian defense equipment exports. Defense industries in Indonesia are small, but keep growing steadily over the past few years. Everyone is welcome to share news, articles, and photos regarding this specific topic to build a better discussion.

I will try to update the list in the first post, so we can track all the defense equipment exports from Indonesia.

Exsport List
X12 Fast Patrol Boat (18 units - $8m - Contract signed Nov 2014) > PT. Lundin Industry (North Sea Boats)
- SS2-V5 Assault Rifle > PT. Pindad



- CN 235-110 (one unit -$13.5m - 1997) > PT. Dirgantara Indonesia

Burkina Faso
- CN 235-220 (one unit refurbished - 2008) > PT. Dirgantara Indonesia

- SS1 Assault Rifle (1991) > PT. Pindad

- 70mm Smoke Warheads > PT. Sari Bahana

- Undisclosed (SPR 2 Anti Material Weapon) > PT. Pindad

- CN 235-220 (6 unit - $101m - 1999) > PT. Dirgantara Indonesia
- CN 235-220 VIP Transport (2 unit - $34m - 2005) > PT. Dirgantara Indonesia
- Flight Simulator for CN 235 > PT. Dirgantara Indonesia

- SS1 V1 Assault Rifle (100 units - 2007) > PT. Pindad

- SS1 V1 Assault Rifle (150 units - 2007) > PT. Pindad

- CN 235-220 (4 unit , 1 for VIP Transport - $54m - 2004/2005) > PT. Dirgantara Indonesia

- Strategic Sealift Vessels
- CN 212-400

- CN 235-220 VIP & Transport (2 units /refurbished - $13m - 2011) > PT. Dirgantara Indonesia

South Korea (ROK)
- CN 235-220 (8 unit , 2 for VIP Transport - $143m - 2001/2002) > PT. Dirgantara Indonesia

Sri Lanka

- P2 APC (5 unit, for police - 2008) > PT. Sentra Surya


- CN 235-200 (2 units - 1996) > PT. Dirgantara Indonesia
- CN 235-220M (1 unit Multipurpose Aircraft - $31,2m - 2014) > PT. Dirgantara Indonesia
- CN 212-400 > PT. Dirgantara Indonesia
- Anti riot uniform > Armorguard Lite

Timor Leste

- Water Cannon PWC - 25 TL > PT. Pindad
- SS1 Assault Rifle & PM2 V1 submachine gun > PT. Pindad

- CN 235 MPA / ASuW Upgrade (10 units - $16m) > PT. Dirgantara Indonesia

- CN 235-100 (7 aircraft - $108m - 1993/1995) > PT. Dirgantara Indonesia

United Nation (UN)
- Anoa Armor Vehicle APC > PT. Pindad

- 20 million ton of bullets > PT. Pindad
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Brunei CN-235-100 - $13.5 m deal for one aircraft - Year of deliveries : 1997 (SIPRI database)

Brunei airforce Fifth Squadron is equipped with a this aircraft which primary roles are to provide trooplift, surveillance and search and locate capabilities

Brunei has ordered three Indonesian developed versions from PT.DI (DIrgantara Indonesia). Boeing is contracted as the Argo Systems Integrator. The aircraft are equipped with an FLIR Systems AN/AAQ-21 Safire FLIR, a BAE Systems Sky Guardian electronic support measures electronic warfare system and a AN/APS-134 radar. The information friend or foe system fitted on the aircraft is the Cossor 3500 IFF. (airforce-technology.com/projects/cn235mp/)





New export opportinitiy
Singapore Airshow 2014: Brunei to acquire CN235-220 aircraft for maritime operations

The Royal Brunei Air Force (RBAF) is set to acquire three CN235-220 aircraft from Indonesian aerospace company PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero) for maritime patrol and anti-submarine (ASW) operations.
Persero spokesperson Teguh Graito told IHS Jane’s on 12 February at the Singapore Airshow that he had received strong indications from the RBAF that they had come to a decision. Acquisition details are expected to be finalised soon.

Colonel Shahril Anwar Bin Hj Ma’awiah, director of the Directorate of Force Capability Development at the Brunei Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), told IHS Jane’s in December 2013 that one of the country’s priorities was the acquisition of fixed-wing maritime patrol aircraft.
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Malaysia CN-235-220 - $101 m deal for 6 aircrafts in 1999 + 2 unit CN 235-220 VIP Transport for $34m in 2005

In early 1999, a total of three aircraft CN235 first batch have been received and are operated at Subang Air Base. The number of aircraft then doubled with the arrival of the second batch of 3 units at the end of 1999. Later on, the government has once again agreed to purchase 2 CN235 with VIP configuration and has arrived at Subang Air Base in 2005.





Flight Simulator for CN-235

Beside the purchase of 8 CN 235 aircraft, Malaysia also purchase a flight simulator for CN 235 to train their CN-235 pilots.


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Pakistan CN-235-220 - $54 m deal for 4 aircrafts - Year of deliveries : 2004/2005 (SIPRI database)

In July 2002, Pakistan placed an order for four CN-235-220 medium-range twin-turbo-prop aircraft manufactured by Dirgantara Indonesia. First three CN-235s delivered between January 2004 and December 2004 are military transport aircraft. Fourth aircraft delivered in June, 2005 is VIP version.

Pakistan purchased the four planes at US$54 million - US$24 million for the CN-235 (VIP version) and US$10 million for each CN-235 military transport aircraft.





New export opportinitiy
Indonesia’s Military Procurements Coming To Fruition
aviationweek.com/awin/indonesia-s-military-procurements-coming-fruition ~ Apr 1, 2013

Apart from its purchases of defense equipment, Indonesia is also an exporter. Purnomo has taken on the role of helping to promote state-owned Indonesian defense companies overseas, such as Indonesian Aerospace. He recently met with Pakistan's air force chief, Air Chief Marshal Rafique Butt, and discussed more Indonesian military exports to Pakistan. Pakistan's air force operates Indonesian Aerospace CN235s. Purnomo says Pakistan's air force is interested in more military transports and that Indonesia could fulfill that requirement with CN235s and C295s.
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Senegal CN-235-220 VIP Transport - $13 m deal for 2 aircrafts / refurbished - Year of deliveries : 2011 (SIPRI database)

Air Force Chief of Staff Senegal, General Ousmane Kane praised the ability of the CN-235 military transport aircraft produced in Indonesia, when meeting with the Deputy Minister of Defence Sjafrie Sjamsoeddin at Dakar, Senegal.

This plane can fly in all weather and fuel efficient. Senegal trying to improve the ability of air power, so it requires a variety of aircraft, radar, rockets and ammunition. CN-235 aircraft owned by Senegal used for VIP transport, soldiers, and used for the air ambulance for carrying the sick and wounded.





New export opportinitiy
Senegal: MoD Plans to ACQUIRE two additional CN235s, Including MPA versions
Google Translate ~ 30 August 2013

Senegalese Air Force plans to buy two CN235 aircraft from Indonesian manufacturer PTDI and use them for VIP and cargo transport. They would join the two CN235s that already in service. Senegal's intention to buy more CN235s emerged in late May this year When Senegalese Armed Forces Minister Augustine Tine Expressed interest in two CN235-220 aircraft.
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South Korea CN-235-220 MPA

South Korea has become the biggest buyer of Indonesian-made CN-235 airplanes and a potential market for aircraft maker PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PT DI)`s products. PT. DI has now completed 12 units of CN-235 (6 Tactical transport, 2 VIP and 4 MPA) for South Korean Market.



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First, I want to congratulate our Indonesian friends.
Can you elaborate how many percentage of CN-... aircraft are actually made in Indonesia, from engineering to components and system manufacturing? (airframe, wing, engine, control and instruments)
@AViet thanks, for more complete and comperhesive detail of our aerospace industry, please check out our other thread. My Indonesian friends already postings alot of data, stats, and latest development there.

Indonesian Aerospace Industry - Sticky thread
Indonesian Aerospace Industry

For structural manufacturing of CN-235, here's the deal:
Thailand CN-212-400

PT. Dirgantara Indonesia has completed 1 unit of CN 212-400 in October 2014 for Thailand Ministry of Agriculture. Thailand has been frequently conducting weather modification not only to prevent natural disasters, but also to maintain its water supply and agriculture sector.



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Chile - 70 millimeter smoke warheads

Malang company beats 43 foreign firms to sell warheads to Chile

Private arms maker PT Sari Bahana has made its first export of warheads to Chile after winning a bid contested by firms from 43 nations. The company, based in Malang, East Java, will sell 70 millimeter smoke warheads to Chilean state-owned firearms maker FAMAE.

Sari Bahari president director Ricky Hendri Egam told The Jakarta Post on Monday that the export offered proof that Indonesian products could compete overseas. The firm would export 260 warheads to Chile, Ricky said, declining to reveal the value of the contract.



Timor Leste Water Cannon Armor Vehicle

Pindad water cannon armored vehicle is manned by four personnels. With water spray for handling riots, this vehincles are able to shoot water up to 70 meters distance. It has a capacity of 4000 litres and 16 bar pressure (that means it hits very hard). the spraying direction is done by a fun video game style joy stick.

This vehicle equipped with a special camera and recording system to capture the protestors on tape. Not only that, this vehicle also capable of spraying foam to extinguish fire (from Molotov Bomb) and it can also be rigged for tear gas. It has A/C so the crew can remain cool and comfortable as they pummel and gas the protestors.




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Timorese government to buy weapons from Indonesia

On a recent visit to Indonesia, the Timorese prime minister, Xanana Gusmão, confirmed that a deal had been struck to bolster defensive ties between the two countries, including the purchase of weapons. ~ February 27th 2014

This will not be the Timorese government's first business with Pindad. Steps to bolster Timor-Leste's defensive capabilities came under scrutiny in 2012 when the government announced plans to buy weapons, tanks and armoured vehicles from the firm. That deal was undermined by the lack of transparency, which means that the value of the deal is still unknown.


Timor Leste PM2 V1 submachine gun


Timor Leste SS1 Assault Rifle




The interesting fact of Timor-Leste buying weapons from its former ruler has not deterred the Timorese government from pushing ahead with the move, despite a history of guns falling into civilian hands. At times of crisis, firearms have been given to or taken by groups allied to members of the government, police and armed forces.
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Srilanka P2 APC for Police Special Task Force

P2 Komando is a special tactical vehicle for command, made at the request of the Indonesian National Army (TNI) the need for a viable and versatile vehicle to be used for security duty. The latest products have been exported overseas by the company is P2 Armored Personnel Carrier (APC), a light armored vehicle. "Some time ago we sent five units of P2 APC to Sri Lanka to be used by the Sri Lanka Police Special Task Force," said Billy Kalbuadi, Director of PT Sentra Surya Ekajaya.



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Phillipine Strategic Sealift Vessel

Indonesia's PT PAL signs contract to supply strategic sealift vessels to the Philippines

Indonesian shipbuilder PT PAL has signed a contract to supply two strategic sealift vessels (SSVs) to the Philippine Navy (PN). PT PAL executive Edy Andarto confirmed to IHS Jane's on 17 July that the contract - worth USD92 million - was signed with the PN in June and calls for the vessels to be supplied in 2016 and 2017. The contract also stipulates a requirement for PT PAL to provide an integrated support package that will enable Philippine industry to undertake maintenance and support of the SSVs in partnership with the PN. Discussions over the SSV contract had continued since January when PT PAL emerged as the sole bidder in the programme.


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