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Indonesia defense acquisition program 2020-2024

2 brand new H22M Helicopters seen in PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Indonesian Aerospace) hangar. 10 February 2023

Finance Minister, after approving overhaul and refurbished of Indonesian Sukhoi squadron at around 212 million USD, now the Ministry has also approved the upgrade program at 96 million USD.

(23 F16 C/D planes refurbished and upgrade program possibility to get approved is higher then, afterall F16 C/D refurbishment and upgrade program have already entered Green Book (Approved by Minister of Planning)

Funded by foreign loan


Indonesian Finance Minister has approved retrofit program for 300 AMX13 tanks

Example of Indonesian AMX13 tank after being retrofit by Pindad

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Expected to be delivered this year from local defense industries for Indonesian Navy

1 CN 235 MPA for Navy



1 Corvette, KRI Bung Karno for Navy


2 KCR60 ships

KRI Panah 626 underwent acceptance testing



For Indonesian Air Force, local defense industry will likely deliver 2-3 NC 212. 9 ordered plane, 4 planes have been delivered as 2022.

For Indonesian Army, it is expected around 18 Harimau medium tanks will be delivered this year.

Finance Minister has approved heavy lift helicopter program acquisition for Indonesian Air Force. Expected the order value is 200 million USD (possibly 7-8 helicopters).

Expected the helicopter will be H22M from Airbus

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1 brand new Superhercules plane is delivered to Indonesia from LM factory. Total order is 5 planes.




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I want to put here as comparison of what Indonesian planner may want to see for the next administration terms (2025-2035)


KF21 should be our main fighter backbone



Finance Minister has approved 2 AWACS planes acquisition program.

The arrival of brand new Superhercules. It landed in Air Force base in East Jakarta, Halim Perdanakusuma.

For transport, Indonesia Defense Ministry has ordered 5 new Superhercules and 2 new A400 M planes for Air Force and one CN235 for Navy.

For smaller transport plane, 9 NC212i has been ordered and 4 has been delivered by Indonesian Aerospace. It is expected this year Defense Ministry will buy 10 N 219 and 3 CN 235 for Army from Indonesian Aerospace.
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Jokowi, Prabowo, and Meutia Hafid (Commission 1 Chairman of parliament) visited new SuperHercules. US Ambassador for Indonesia was also accompanying President.

Finance Minister has approved foreign loan for another 12 Rafale, so in total Indonesia will likely have 18 Rafale F3 (1 squadron )

It is expected that before Indonesia start mass producing KF21/IFX in 2028-29 inshaAllah, Indonesia will have already around 79 fighters.

79 fighters with medium range missile capable.

33 F16 Block 52
16 Sukhoi (5 Su27 and 11 Su 30 MKM)
12 Mirage 2000-5
18 Rafale F3

66 Attack and Patrol planes

19 T50i Golden Eagle (sidewinder launch capable)
32 Hawk 200/100 (sidewinder launch capable)
15 Supertucano

6 MALE UCAV + Possible Acquisition of home grown MALE UCAV

Possible future acquisition of home grown Elang Hitam MALE UCAV


Possible upgrade of Indonesian F16 Block 52 into Viper variant as Minister of Planning has approved the foreign loan backed program, waiting Finance Minister approval.

Second hand 12-14 Mirage 2000-5 planes from Qatar looks like will be realized soon as Prabowo said that the negotiation is still on going. Finance Minister has already approved foreign loan to get the plane.

Beside F16 A/B that has already gotten Refurbish and upgrade program, Prabowo Today also talked about upgrade program for all Indonesian fighters. Sukhoi squadron has gotten approval from Finance Minister for refurbish and upgrade. F16 C/D upgrade is awaiting Finance Minister approval.

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