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Indian Navy carries out crucial ISR mission along Pakistan border


Nov 12, 2022
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A Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA), the P-8I Poseidon aircraft is use for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions by the Indian Navy

New Delhi: A P-8I Poseidon aircraft of the Indian Navy carried out a crucial operation along sensitive sections of the border between India and Pakistan last week.

According to a report by the Indian Defence Research Wing (IDRW), the Indian Navy plane had taken off from the Srinagar airport on Thursday and flew along the India-Pakistan border.

The plane’s flight path took it over the Line of Control (LOC) in Jammu and Kashmir, to the international border in the Amritsar sector before flying across Rajasthan to Bikaner where it turned back to eventually land in New Delhi

A Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA), the P-8I Poseidon aircraft is used for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions by the Indian Navy.
Designed for long-range, anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare, the P-8I Poseidon carries out surveillance operations by mapping surface areas with synthetic aperture radar, inverse synthetic aperture radar, electro-optic instruments, and infrared, as well as scanning the electromagnetic domain with their onboard electronic warfare suites.

The P-8Is come equipped with the AN/APY-10 radar, which its maker Raytheon describes as a “maritime, littoral and overland surveillance radar”. As it is clear from the description, the radar can be used to monitor ground movement, and is capable of providing data in all-weather conditions, both at night and day.

In the Synthetic Aperture and Inverse synthetic-aperture mode, the AN/APY-10 radar can penetrate through clouds and foliage to give detailed images of the surface below. Images produced by the radar in these modes can give details such as size of objects and structures on the surface, movement and change.

ESM (electronic surveillance measures) is used to collect a wide range of emitters used by... land based facilities at extended ranges. It allows us to be able to geolocate emitters to find a foreign submarine, surface combatant, or land based surface-to-air site. It is also a passive system, which allows the P8i to covertly monitor a wide area.

“The EO/IR (electro-optical/infrared) camera can be used to visually identify both land and sea based targets, with the IR camera having both white hot and black hot images,” the pilot had told TheWarZone.

P8i can use these capabilities, and many others which remain classified, while flying in own airspace to draw a picture of enemy’s dispositions on the ground.

The Indian Navy has also used the P-8I Poseidon to conduct surveillance operations along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh during the military stand-off between India and China
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