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Indian Crowd Boo with "Jai Shri Ram" to Mohammad Rizwan Who Was Returning to Pavillion

I like how you ignored the part of my post where I mentioned Pakistan stats vs India.

Must be hard to deal with reality. :lol:

Please stay off the train tracks. As much as we dislike bhartoids, we’d never want to see a feces smeared corpse. Stay safe and happy street shitting, my bhartoid fraaand!

Tank U, come again!
Snice 2010 (>13 years )

ODI - India 12 : Pakistan 4
T20 - India 8 : Pakistan 3

It's time to wake up, prolong exposure to sand (head in sand) is not good for brain!
Pakistan should have co-hosted the world cup, as they did in 1996.

Oh wait, nobody wants to travel to a terrorist infested land where people can blow up any time shouting AoA.

Your only choice is to travel to better countries to play. Otherwise, your useless team would be unemployed. You did see the results of the match, didn't you?
since when is India any better? A terrorist as PM?
since when is India any better? A terrorist as PM?
So tell me why all major nations (including yours) are flocking to India to play? Why isn't Pakistan hosting the world cup?

We all know why. Allahoakbar-kaboom concerns.

since when is India any better? A terrorist as PM?
Just because you Pakistanis accuse someone of being a terrorist, doesn't mean that the rest of the world accepts it. Our PM is being feted across the world, including Muslims nations, while actual Pakistani terrorists get drone struck.

India hosts the world cup, and hosts the IPL where the best of the best from across the world come to play, while nobody wants to tour Pakistan because Kaboom!
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This cricket team is representative of Military Dictators , can't support it and don't care what happens to them

Any self respecting Athlete would have refused to play till Imran Khan is released and elections held

If never went to play , never would have faced this humiliation

Why even go play ? Your country is in shambles thanks to Military Junta
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The Irony, these lowlife Bakhtoras need a Pakistani forum to talk big . If these losers were worth their salt, members from various nationalities would be converging on Indian forums and interacting with these gloating Guptas high on their cow cola. There's an obvious reason why Indian forums are nothing more than echo Chambers with Bakhtoras shouting Jai Shri Ram whenever they score with a mouthful of cow dung.
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I would have loved if, the Paksiatni cricket team had even a fraction of drive displayed by Pakjeets here.

Ahmedabad chants weren’t in the spirit of the game. These same f##kers crying here, have displayed worse hostility to Indian sports teams in the past.

These bas###des wouldn’t remember the treatment given to Indian cricket team in Pakistan in 1989-90 series, where Indian players were greeted with - Pakistan ka matlab kya la ila ……..Hindustan ka matlab kya bhad me jaye hamko kya. Or hockey World Cup played in the same year, in Lahore. Every match that India played was greeted with even worse chants by the same mullahs, who are crying rivers now. They mastered the art of hate and derision almost 35 years back. Ahmedabad was much short by any yardstick. Atleast in India their players got a lot of support when they played against the other teams. Did they offer same to our players? NO. Never.

Did India complain? Or cry? No. We took it in the spirit of the game and moved on.
Here we are today, when we are taking their teams to cleaners, while these mullahs are busy crying over a hostile crowd.

You reap as you sow.

Just listen to Shekhar Gupta doing a reality check to Pakjeets. Stop crying you fu##ing mullahs and Pakjeets.

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