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Gaza-Israel Conflict | October 2023

Best life in the West Bank about 10 months ago.
What a scam. Leaders of the most powerful nations, including Arabians, consider them the most moral people in the world only because of ancient Israelite prophets of God.
'The Seven Nations (Hebrew: שבעת העמים, romanized: Shivat Ha'amim) are seven nations that according to the Hebrew Bible lived in the Land of Canaan prior to the arrival of the Israelites. God instructed the Israelites to destroy these seven nations upon entering Canaan.[1][2]'

Many wrongly argue on the basis that Israelites were the original natives in Canaan, which is not true even in the Bible. Descendants of Prophet Ibrahim and Sarah acquired Semitic language of the region. Prophet Ibrahim certainly did not speak Semitic as his native language, as he was a native Sumerian from Ur, Iraq.
In support of the Palestinian people in Gaza, Hezbollah carried out the following operations:

- At 9:15, Ramim barracks were targeted with artillery shells.

- an aerial attack was launched with drones on the 810 Hermon Brigade at Ma’ale Golani Barracks, targeting the sites and gatherings of israeli officers and soldiers, causing confirmed casualties.

- At 15:50, a deployment of israeli soldiers in the Netua forest was targeted with rocket weapons.

- At 16:40, the Naqoura naval site was targeted with artillery shells.

-Targeting the new headquarters of the Liman Battalion with artillery shells.

- At 16:40, a deployment of israeli soldiers near the Tayhat triangle was targeted with rocket weapons.

- At 16:50, a gathering of israeli soldiers in Baram forest was targeted with artillery shells.

-At 16:55, a deployment of israeli soldiers was targeted near the Ramtha site with rocket weapons.

- At 17:05, the Zibdin site was targeted with artillery shells.

- At 20:00, a deployment of israeli soldiers was targeted near the Zibdin barracks with rocket weapons.
Chronicles 9:14

besides that which the traders and merchants brought; and all the kings of Arabia and the governors of the land brought gold and silver to Solomon.

https://bible.oremus.org/?passage=2 Chronicles 9:14&version=nrsv
This is what they want to create, vassals and tributaries of the greater Israeli empire.
They have succeeded in laying much of the ground work. We knew the Israeli empire expands beyond the middle east to countries of the West and the East, however, Arab states are latest additions, which are significant because they provide local influence, territorial expansion and natural resources.

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, and Morocco are Zionist deputy states. They believe in Zionism. Egypt, Jordan, and Sudan are more like slaves of Zionism. They do it because they have no choice. The only complete holdout against Zionism in the Arab world is probably Algeria. I wonder if the losing side in the Algerian civil war had won, would they have become like the Zionist Salafis we see today.
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He said this over 5 months ago.
Systematic destruction of Gaza civilians, not of Hamas. He correctly says, Hamas are the collateral damage.

Israel uses 'Khamas, Khamas, Khamas' as a diversion tactic for genocide, and they have powerful state and media enablers not just in the West, but also in the region among Arabs. For example, UAE based English news channel is full of fluff issues, Gaza gets barely mentioned, maybe couple of times a month at most.
Over 6 years ago.
Both the talk and the act of genociding Palestinians is very normal, casual, almost humorous in Israeli society, and there are multiple videos to prove it. This is what Arab states were/are 'normalizing'.

Arabs along with their suckup countries in the so-called Muslim world are very, very, very, very, very, very dangerous for the safety and welfare of Muslim individuals and communities, especially where they are vulnerable minority.

These Arab states supported Islamic extremists, then switched to supporting Islamophobes. There is even an article in Foreign Policy magazine calling Arab regimes, the world's biggest Islamophobes, with the picture of MBS and MBZ.
Israeli Zionists are not the only ones to dehumanize, degrade, and devalue Arab/Muslim lives.
Najdi/Khaleeji Arabs are typically like that.
Israeli Zionists are not the only ones to dehumanize, degrade, and devalue Arab/Muslim lives.
Najdi/Khaleeji Arabs are typically like that.
Are they Muslim or the opposite?? It is a very serious question. The truth is, actual Muslims are a minority in 'Muslim' countries.

They are allied with global political Islamophobes, including Israeli Zionism, American Evangelism, Bharati Hindutva, and European Far-Right. And, they also host organizations like OIC and Muslim World League comprised mostly of suckup states. No wonder there is a genocide of Arab/Muslim babies for years and decades all over the world. They along with UAE have funded genocidal civil wars.

See how afraid is Egyptian army of saving Arab babies despite Arabs having hundreds of billions in weapons, trillions in resources and the suez canal.
This is what Arab states normalized (along with the genocide). Do they not understand they endanger humanity with inhumane standards.
Why do Israeli, Saudi/Emirati, and their long list of suckups become mad with people fighting for basic human rights, dignity and freedom.
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