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Economist : Pakistan army is back in charge of politics

So asim munir was selected on merit when he was 2 days from his retirement. Bajwa manipulated the system to carry on with the code. 😆
Sembelence of merit..even that i doubt

Ap loog Bengal Bhool gaya

KP and balochistan Bhool gaye

Peyari fooj 😂😂

PTI or army pulverized?
Delusional people think Imran Khan was a bigger leader then Fatima jinnah, sarwhadhy who made Pakistan and was right hand of mujeeb and bacha Khan all of whom miserable failed

(Mujeeb was successful due to Indian army attack)
When have they not been in control and the irony in that the country still went to shit and these FA pass or should I say FA fail still don't realize it.
We need to break these shackles.

Salves can't .... Hate to accept that we (All Pakistani, either in or outside the country) are just keyboard warriors or drawing room chatters .... read below, for better understanding...

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