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Eagles of great Iqbal

Sorry in advance if i hurt you

No need to apologize, my friend. You did not hurt me at all. I was only trying to correct the part about the age, beak and talons of the species. I was under the impression from what I read that Iqbal was using that to make the point about humans also needing to "reset" like the eagle, but that "resetting" actually doesn't happen as described. That's all. Thank you.

Camels example was chosen by Lord himself.

Apko koi masla hai Khuda ki Hikmat se?
Sorry to say, you are a mentally disturbed person so i don't want to take serious notice about your childish comments ........... just from now:
American bald eagles are the best! There is a mating pair nest about 400 meters from me, 30 meters up in the crown of a lobloly pine tree. It is about 2 meters in diameter. I see them fishing in the James River several times each week.

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