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China-Singapore joint military exercises


Feb 1, 2018
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China, Singapore to hold Exercise Cooperation 2023​

Source: China Military Online
Editor: Chen Zhuo
Time: 2023-08-28 17:03:45

BEIJING, Aug. 28 -- According to the annual plan and the consensus of the two sides, the China-Singapore "Cooperation-2023" Joint Army Training will be held in Singapore from late August to mid-September. This joint training will mainly include training courses such as sniper tactics, hand-to-hand combat, rappelling and fast roping, and hostage rescue, aiming to strengthen pragmatic cooperation between the two militaries and raise the troops' level of actual combat training.

SAF and PLA to Conduct Bilateral Exercise Cooperation 2023​

Source: MINDEF Singapore
Editor: Chen Zhuo
Time: 2023-08-28 17:05:57

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and the People's Liberation Army (PLA) will be conducting the bilateral Exercise Cooperation in Singapore from 1 to 14 September 2023. Its conduct this year marks its resumption following a pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Similar to the last iteration in 2019, the theme of the exercise is urban Counter-Terrorism (CT) Operations and will involve personnel from the SAF's 3rd Singapore Division and 1st Commando Battalion, as well as the PLA Southern Theatre Command-Army's 74th Army Group. Both armies will conduct a battalion-level command post exercise and engage in professional exchanges on CT operations in support of a rescue scenario. Personnel will also engage in other activities such as fast roping, rappelling, hand-to-hand combat, small-arms live firing, and cohesion activities. These interactions allow both sides to strengthen professional ties, foster people-to-people bonds, as well as enhance mutual trust and understanding between both militaries.

Exercise Cooperation is in its fifth edition this year since its inauguration in 2009. It is part of the Singapore Army's ongoing efforts in conducting bilateral and multilateral exercises with foreign armies to enhance mutual cooperation with other countries. This exercise underscores the warm and friendly bilateral defence relations between Singapore and China. Besides bilateral and multilateral exercises, the two defence establishments also interact regularly through high-level exchanges, mutual visits, cross-attendance of courses, academic exchanges and port calls.

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Chinese troops arrive in Singapore for Cooperation-2023 joint army training​

Source: China Military Online
Editor: Huang Panyue
Time: 2023-09-06 17:21:30

SINGAPORE, Sep. 5 – The Chinese troops and equipment to participate in China-Singapore "Cooperation-2023" joint army training arrived at Changi Air Base, Singapore, by air on September 5. They will conduct joint training in and around the camp of the 3rd Division of Singapore Army in the following days.

With the theme of "joint urban counter-terrorism operations", participants from both sides will conduct joint training on subjects such as sniping tactics, hand-to-hand combat, rappelling and fast-roping, and hostage rescue. Through the mixed-group joint training, the two sides will further deepen traditional friendship between the two militaries, and enhance joint urban counter-terrorism operational capabilities.

The Chinese participating troops are selected from a brigade under the PLA 74th Group Army. According to the commander of the Chinese troops, through the fifth joint training between the two armies, the two sides will positively expand, deepen and upgrade the cooperation, so as to improve their counter-terrorism operational capabilities and enhance the traditional friendship between them.

Mixed-group training of China-Singapore "Cooperation-2023" kicks off​

Source: China Military Online
Editor: Huang Panyue
Time: 2023-09-11 17:46:49

SINGAPORE, Sep. 11 -- Members from both sides participating in China-Singapore "Cooperation-2023" joint army training recently started mixed-group joint training centered on the topic of "joint urban counter-terrorism operations". It aimed to further enhance mutual trust and friendship while improving the level of professional training.

During the live fire shooting training, members from both sides swapped equipment and organized training for their counterparts. After having learned about each other's weapons and equipment, they conducted firing training using swapped arms and ammunition and had a deep exchange on the method of increasing shooting stability and hit rate.

Although it was the first time for the participants to learn how to use each other’s weapons, some of them got excellent marks in the first round of live fire shooting. Chinese solider Lin Zhangkang said, "In the process of live fire shooting training, we learned more about each other's weapons and equipment, and had a deeper feeling and understanding of the operation and use of different series of weapons and equipment and the training methods. "

In the field of urban counter-terrorism skills training, members from both sides carried out training in the context of terrorists hidden in a building. Members from both sides completed training on sniping tactics, concealed approaching, building breaching, and search and shooting in close collaboration with each other, and improved fighting capabilities in a real-combat environment.

It is learned that the two sides also conducted training on combat physical fitness and hand-to-hand combat, with fast-roping and comprehensive live exercise to be held, in order to refine and test the troops' joint urban counter-terrorism operational capabilities.

The opening ceremony of China-Singapore "Cooperation-2023" joint army training was held at the Jurong Camp of the 3rd Division of Singapore Army in the afternoon on September 6, with over 280 military personnel from both armies attending the ceremony. This is the second "Cooperation" series of joint training organized by the two armies after a lapse of four years since 2019.

China-Singapore joint military exercise concludes​

Source: Xinhua
Editor: huaxia
2023-09-13 18:51:45

SINGAPORE, Sept. 13 (Xinhua) -- China and Singapore have successfully concluded here the fifth edition of a bilateral training exercise at the Jurong Camp.

Elite Chinese and Singaporean ground forces exercised reconnaissance, encirclement and control, penetration, fire strikes, hostage rescue, and rapid evacuation in mixed task force groups during a comprehensive urban anti-terrorism drill Tuesday.

Senior officers from the two armies congratulated a successful ending of the exercise and expected more exchanges in the future.

Focusing on urban counter-terrorism operations, members of the two armies also exercised snipe, hand-to-hand combat and rappelling, among other subjects in the event.

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