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China flags Uighurs as ‘extremist’ for having Quran, report says

When they run out of arguments, they start posting irrelevant things.

26 Anniversary of Gjulja Massacre
What argument? "1 million people "or" police uniform "?
Wonderful Indians life vs Xinjiang's life
Protest over ethnic violence in Xinjiang
The 50 cent slaves of the CPC will never answer for their crimes. The dumb comminst minds are incapable of comprehending FREEDOM!!!

The chinese people may become rich or poor, but they'll always be SLAVES, they'll always live as slaves/dogs of the CPC. Uighyrs don't wat China's money, they want the right to live. But these Maoists ae too stupid to understand that, their tiny Han minds are incapable of processing the desire for freedom.
India's 5 rupee slave will always be a slave. But the true Indian people hope to join China.


Protests in Paris

Propaganda bro
You can insist that "1 million Uyghurs are being held in concentration camps by China". I have no problem.
how hard is it to believe they put 1 million uyghurs away after seeing this?

it follows that if they can lock up 400 million then the 1 million was probably true and underestimated

but king terrorist xi's troll army doesn't understand logic and have no iq
OK. OK. We hope that the food standards of the Indian people can reach the level of concentration camps in China.
true, but then you have to keep them organs donors healthy for the thriving red market in China.
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