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BRI projects fuel infrastructure growth in Bangladesh

Not just ugly - comparing Bogibeel bridge and Padma bridge is like comparing night and day. Padma Bridge boasts many many engineering first in the field of riverine bridges not least are how deep the piling went down below the river substrate. Getting tired of educating these Civil Engineers. I have posted at length on the many differences a year ago.

Ei mokkel ki civil engineer na cement-dhala engineer? 100% Pagal.

Padma Bridge already made some epochal global Bridge records.

The number of world records is five.
  1. The first is about the piling of the bridge. Steel piles have been placed at a maximum depth of 122 meters under the pillars of the Padma Bridge. These piles have a radius of three meters. No bridge in the world has yet required such deep piling and number of thick piles have been laid (7 to 9 in some pile caps), per project sources.
  2. The second record is earthquake bearing-related. The capacity of ‘Fractional Pendulum Bearings’ used on this bridge (under the girders and on top of pier headers) is 10,000 tons. So far no bridge has been fitted with bearings of such capacity. The Padma Bridge is being built to resist a magnitude 9 earthquake.
  3. The third record is related to river training related. A 1.10 billion USD contract has been signed with Chinese contractor Sinohydro Corporation for river training. Earlier, there has never been such a big tender over river training. This became necessary for the force of the cusec/minute river flow and resulting erosion on the banks (second only to the river Amazon).
  4. The fourth record is about material used. Very fine (micro fine) cement has been used in piling and some parts of piers in Padma bridge. These category of cements were first specified by the designer (AECOM) for a project of such large magnitude (for strength of piling purpose) and were sourced from from Australia. Such fine cement is not commonly used for piling purposes, but makes for very tough structures resistant to earthquakes and side shear forces.
  5. Fifth record is about the Menck piling hammer which was the world's largest bespoke hammer at the time. This several hundred ton item was supplied by air from Menck's HQ in Germany by air (I believe using an AN-225 airplane), transferred to a special logistics carrier at Dhaka airport and transferred to Padma Bridge site via highway.

Cement-dhala engineer suits him very well.:lol:

Dhakai chhilo diploma engineer, Japan gia hoiya gesey hard-hat walla world class expert!

KiloPascal (KIPs) karey koi bujhey na....olpo bidya bhoyonkori....

Din-er bela Japani-der gali khai, ratey bashai aisha cellphone-e amader gali marey...

Ki ar kora ...
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