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4 detained for waving Palestinian flag during Pakistan-Bangladesh World Cup match in Kolkata

The solution to Israel and Palestine is

Isratin !

Yeah that too

They have a temple for it as well somewhere in India

they're kinda cute but

mice would have been better

either way, poor babies... at least they get some to eat

China type m to shallow fry kar ke kha jayenge noodles k saath
BHARAT has rat eaters too:
and Nagaland m, quite famously, dogs bhi kha lete hai

spl black dogs, whatever breed.. they love black dogs, some of those people

Chinese influence.. they'll do cicadas etc too, the tribal north east people

if it crawls, its food.. chidiya, bat, cockroack, saanp.. kuch bhi

whole thing is kinda jaahil if you ask me.
Pajeet still whining in front of Pakistani abbu despite getting humiliated again and again

Typical pajeet rat
pakidiot begging to know at least one abbu's name but nobody helping ! now projecting in loo ! cry some more cockroach
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