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3 Villagers Dead As MiG-21 Jet Crashes Into Rajasthan Home, Pilot Ejects

Why keep flying these junk? They are useless in any battle. Nobody is scared of them. At least we will save on fuel, and save many lives simply by no flying these. When was the last time these Mig's even killed a mosquito?
Bro, honestly, no BS.. mujhe bura lagta hai k aap ki awaam/janta faujis k khilaaf ho gai hai.

These are men and women who have sworn allegiance to your country, and taken an oath to forever serve you guys even if it means sacrificing their own lives.

The PAF are much storied and understandably revered but that western tech edge is all but gone.. ab Cheen k bharose chal raha hai scene aapka, remains to be seen.. Cheen vs new French/Russian stuff.

The F-16 "mafia" are a much grumpy lot, I'll bet.

The people are realizing that their respect and love should be earned, and is not unconditional/unrequited. The foot soldiers and junior officers are spared the wrath and the general and the institutional corruption as a whole is targeted. However, there is resentment at the lack of intra-institutional feedback and that the junior cadre apparently not doing enough to put a stop to the institution's fuckeries.

We'd gone full retards in army's love before, now we've just overcorrected. Things will settle down with time. Here's what I mean. (@Areesh can confirm :) )

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That is unless the "dangerous duffers" (generals) go ahead and kill IK.
nah, that would be extremely counter-productive

you don't like them, but they're a smart bunch
They are not as smart as we thought they were. That's precisely why we don't like them anymore. Judging from the events of last year, I'll say you can't even depend on these duffers to answer 2+2 correctly every single time. They have truly fked their own empire built over decades with one stupid decision after the other.

Maybe they've been tough opponents in the battlefield, so you're giving them credit but that could be equally explained by the fact that maybe your generals are not much brighter either. It's just that they don't have as much hand in decision making that it's hides their weaknesses. Our generals' brilliant mind is on full display.
a military pilot's life is more valuable than some random bedouins or whatever.

state spends a LOT of money (our money) training these people

hope these mig 21s are retired or phased out soon
What a disrespectful comment.
A villager grows a food that you eat like a shameless and defecate it on a railway track in Delhi. If those villagers stop growing food then even the elite class will die from starvation.
Those military pilots saved their lives by ejecting but killed the ones who paid tax money for their jets and training. They should have at least tried to steer the Migs away from a populated area.
a military pilot's life is more valuable than some random bedouins or whatever.

state spends a LOT of money (our money) training these people

hope these mig 21s are retired or phased out soon

Obviously very well trained to aim the fighter at a ground target!
Comment section on twitter is lit.
Indians saying the Mig 21 fleet should be turned into Kamikaze drone.
Then indians also say that their Mig 21 shot down PAF F 16
Split personality syndrome. India
:( RIP

glad the pilot is ok.

these need to be phased out asap, or remove their weapon systems and sell them to wealthy enthusiasts in the west or something, or gate guard duties, or in mueseums, or strip and sell as souvenirs.

Come on dude. A few more years.
Bikaner/New Delhi:
Three people were killed and three others injured after an Indian Air Force MIG-21 Fighter aircraft crashed into their home in a Rajasthan village today, officials have said.

The aircraft had taken off from the Suratgarh airbase for a routine exercise before it crashed near Pilibanga area in Rajasthan's Hanumangarh due to a technical snag.

The pilot ejected from the aircraft in time using a parachute, officials said, adding that he is reported to be safe.

The Indian Air Force (IAF) said a helicopter was rushed to rescue the pilot who sustained minor injuries during the ejection and that a probe has been ordered to ascertain the cause of the crash.

"A MiG-21 aircraft of the IAF crashed near Suratgarh during a routine training sortie today morning. The pilot ejected safely, sustaining minor injuries. An inquiry has been constituted to ascertain the cause of the accident," it tweeted.

Weren't they grounded
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