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  • Congrats for becoming elite.

    Also noticed u have started to make sense in ur posts lately.

    Keep the good work.
    What the ef are you talking about? Please give me three concise points why you think the Palestinians are the belligerents in this conflict and I will respond accordingly. Note: I have absolutely no love for the Palestinians and I believe they've made poor decisions in the past, but it is clear as day that for what ever reason Israel would rather gobble up territory instead of sitting at the table. It is a myth that there is a power parity in this conflict because there is not, Israel is the only one that can realise a Palestinian state no one else.
    Your comments are retarded, reading your Israeli a*-licking makes gives me nausea. No matter how much you love them Israeli's have absolutely no respect for your people and will always side against Pakistan, what ever the issue. Get your head into reality and stop with this nonsense, you'll never be more than a sand ni**er to them so stop embarrassing yourself.
    Same views here. If you notice carefully, all the conquests and spread of Islam was done by the first four caliphs. After that, little land was gained anymore and people in those newly conquered lands did not convert to islam. The original islamic zeal was absent.

    It leads me to think that up to caliph Harun ar rashid, Islam was in its original path. After that, it evolved to greed, lust and hypocrisy. No wonder muslims never won any decisive war in the last 500 years or so. Whereas Quran promises that God will give victory to believers if they really believe in him. Makes us wonder, are muslims really the "believers" as God meant for muslims to be? Well, all evidence points to that their motivation was rather by greed and lust rather than belief in God.
    Yep, pretty much like what happened here. When we made our point that Israel offered numerous chances for two state solution and peace which were outright rejected by PA, they never for one moment admitted it may be their mistake.,. Extremely one sided viewpoint consideration. They would support terrorism in Israel but would detest terrorism in their own country. Anybody who opposes becomes a troll in their eyes...

    Frankly, i agree with you that Israel showed remarkable restraint. Any other country and there would be no such thing as PLO today. These people should be grateful to israel for that.
    Hello, can't send pm due to post count. Yes, enjoyed the discussion. The discussion was based on material facts rather than fantasy/rants.

    btw, you had quite different viewpoints always. How did it change all of a sudden? But yes, this is a very good thing. You are the only member from saudi arabia who i saw can accept criticism.
    Lol yeah, it's an interesting thread, but I am going to sleep now, it's almost 6AM. :D

    Luckily enough I don't have any work today or I would fall asleep there. :P
    I'm guessing you hold the same views about Kashmir; that Kashywood propaganda is the reason why people think the Kashmiris are being pressed while they're not.
    By the way, come to Pakistan and you'll be shocked to know what your own country thinks of your beloved Israhell.
    sir mostly islamic laws are because of ulemas that is the best thing they have done and secular bastards have done nothing accept defeat sir
    Sir it is the Ulemas which defended Islam during the rules of Kufr on Muslim Lands and stop going on rumors not even proved yet just crap supported by some Ulemas and what Cartoon so called Muslim Secular bastrards have done anything good to Muslims they have proven to be worse than any other form of leaders
    Politics is part of Islam and Ulemas understand it best because they have studied Islam the most and researched on it the most so that is why they have been ordered to lead Muslims by HAZRAT MUHAMMAD SAW secular morons can only lead us to disasters
    Sir we give a dam what kufr has to say and what kufr do what we have to follow is Quran and sunnah and ALLAH has ordered Muslims to follow Quran and Sunnah and implement its laws and it will be implemented sooner or later and Turkey soon will be run by Mullahs and Ulemas have to lead us because they have been ordered by HAZRAT MUHAMMAD SAW
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