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  • Yes, but look at Azerbaijan, they are a Shia majority country and they`ve become one of our important allies. I think it is the fact that the nation is secular and cracks down harshly on anything remotely Islamist in their country. It's good to know that there are intelligent Muslims from both sides of Islam, unfortunate that the masses are controlled by the extremists.
    That's true bro, but as I said earlier, I still welcome opposing views from all sides as long as they are not derogatory. I hope you understand though that I am not going to be comfortable signing a petition asking to ban a member I barely know. After all it hasn't even been 2 months since I joined this forum. I suggest that all of you counter his arguments & tell him to stop spreading unsubstantiated propaganda. If he still doesn't cease & desist from this behavior, I will reconsider signing that petition & I am sure other members will be more willing to sign it as well.
    I understand your point of view. His posts usually do consist of unsubstantiated propaganda for the most part. However I still think that you shouldn't get a person banned for stating opposing views. Asking the moderators to tell him to stop making biased posts & spreading unsubstantiated propaganda would be a better idea for now. If that doesn't work, then I will reconsider signing that petition.
    I am sorry bro. I can't sign that simply because I don't agree with banning people for their view points no matter how much we disagree. Although if that person starts to insult other members or posts inflammatory comments then I suggest reporting those posts to get him banned.

    I hope you don't mind, take care.
    My memory was wrong, you've been a logical and intelligent person much before i even found this forum.
    It is the unfortunate truth that the masses are controlled by the corrupt and greedy few, i do not think there is hope for them until there is enlightenment and desire for a free life.

    I would like to see Pakistan and Israel opening diplomatic relations between our two countries, when people like you rule the country and teach the masses the value of intelligence and value of life.
    Now i remember, and it makes sense. You and Mosa once shared opinions about Israel, it makes sense that you are real life friends.
    What changed your mind about Israel? Or am i wrong and you always held a good opinion with regards to Israel?
    Him and his daydreaming of destroying Israel with the "mighty" Saudi Kingdom seem to contradict your way of thinking.
    That being said, he is too emotional most of the time, takes things to heart.
    Mosamania isn't much better than the other guy though, don't you think?
    I was surprised by Iran_B getting 13000 posts in a short amount of time, not to mention his brother becoming a "Think tank". There is preferential treatment here for people willing to donate large sums of money.
    Noble effort, not to mention classic! Him and his brother just donated large sums of money to the site, i doubt he'll be banned.
    Unfortunately, not when you are in KSA. Unless, you use a VPN which is like 15 bucks tops, and get a American IP(I believe enemy nation's IP's can be automatically banned). Hope that helps.
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