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  • Stop posting in big fonts and in read color, keep it to normal font and just color the important lines or bold or underline it, sufficient enough.

    Big fonts make it unattractive to read and not allowed also.
    Control your these anti Indian, poing and peeing kind of stuff.

    Talk in a civilized manner, last warning.
    Keep it up, bro. I have noticed lately, Indian using too many propagandas and trolls......Glad we responded back effectively..
    Why are you making false allegations on me?
    Its OK if you wanna maintain your statement;
    you'll regret your remarks one day!!!
    Is it necessary to dishonor 'Mother' India?
    are you purposely flaming?? I suggest you edit your remark.
    Hello friend!...just got your 81iq post reported and deleted!....hope you dont mind.....please refrain from such silly comments,as you know too, such induces flames,trolling,hatefull and RACIST comments in return.....just a friendly advice.....regards
    Wish you and all around you a very Happy Eid.
    May this day bring all happiness and joys in your life.
    Sino; message recived, thanks, i guess a little out of control for me.
    just can't stand those indians making up b.s. thread every single day,
    throwing cheap shot at china.
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