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  • You seems to know a great deal about defense related matter and talks sensibly, a rarity here in pdf as we are used to see most of the Chinese hating Indians for whatsoever reasons.. Keep up the good work.
    What will be the Impact on Middle East if USA, Russia, China & India backs Israel

    I opened a thread on World Affairs Please post your comment, It’s Research Journalism

    Let me clarify I hold no grudge against chinese....though my posts may suggest otherwise. Wud like to understand chinese point of view on various issues from u.

    To begin with I came across a Japanese gentleman @ its consulate in Kolkata who gave his version of Nanjing events. What is the chinese version of it ? You know to tally the facts/fictions........great if u can share that
    Hey are you enjoying your stay on this site!Its funny man.I come here daily and see plenty of pissed off Indians trolling.
    Thanks for the Info ,Ya you are the first Chinese member there il try and get more international users on Bord
    I don't know a lot of Chinese or Pakistani members if you know any do tell them about the site.
    Is Sino defense open to people of all nationalities???
    Hi, thanks for adding in the list of your friends, its an honor.

    Hope to keep seeing you online and your contribution too.

    Good to have Chinese friends here.

    yeah you can do it....if you can save the pic.....now instead of posting the internet link...save the pics on your storage...then upload them in your profile's album section and then post this link into you're post...it should work
    You have completely misinterpreted what I wrote.

    @Mexicans, well from what I can gather Mexicans in USA are a bit are backward because they're hesitant to learn English, I was not being racist and not trying to attack you! It was just an innocent remark !

    @Positive Discrimination, this was related to how Uyghur minorities getting extra marks in exams, similarly in India the backward castes/tribes have some seats reserved for them in universities and government jobs, I was just surprised that India isn't the only Country to do this 'Positive Discrimination'.
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