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  • Mr. Shamim - I've found your posts very insightful and its always a pleasure to hear from someone who was there when history was being made...so I just wanted to say - Thank You, sir !
    I want to be a friend of you. My Name is Ozair Akhtar and my Contact is: 03422663413. Please add me as a friend and send me an SMS too.
    oh really ,i wish i would have been the same friend ,but unfortunately i am not ,but never mind .I would want to post ur opinion on NEW TOP 10 FUTURE WEAPONS OF THE WORLD that is posted on military forum
    Nomi, I really do not know which 5th generation aircraft Pakistan will get. Depends on many factorrs including the state of Pakistan;s economy. Inducting an aircraft even if paid for by others, still costs to operate. Hopefully, our economy may bounce back and we can realistically start to think about it.
    Aslam u alikum sir.
    i have a question sir.which 5th gen plane we will get?jxx or j20.
    according to a chinese member j20 air superiority fighter and superior to jxx.
    is their any chance we will get j20.
    Thanks Aeronaut. I am not regular but It is always a great pleasure to see a very lively forum when I am here.
    best regards
    Dear Sir Pervez,
    Thanks for your post earlier. Just read it now.
    One only respects those who in turn respect you. And when one is caught lying like a snake then I give that chap grief. Munir unfortunately became a victim of his own self-disillusioned thoughts. & turned to you for help when he had no answers. H Khan's post on ''My Trip to Pakistan'' will give u an idea of his state of mind. But i'm surprised you making an effort coming here just to post because of me. No need for 'mediation' for those two, they're gonna be suffering from ''2k after-effects'' for a while.
    While i appreciate ur comments, had these been posted earlier on the forum on which you're originally on, things may have taken a different turn. "Stupids know every thing and Smart never know enough" - a gr8 saying. Only wish if those two members from Def.Pk' sister forum read this.
    I hope to have captivating discussion with you here sometime, especially on the Falcon programme back in the day!

    Kind Regards
    Shamim saab.. You have promised a General Dynamics study on Flankers some time ago. Kindly post it whenever if you get the time.

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