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  • Dr. Somnath, seeing that you are in the dental profession, may I ask you something related to that?

    I have been wearing a bonded retainer on my bottom set of teeth for the past few years, but it broke. Do you think I need to get a replacement or have my teeth stabilized enough?
    Hi ... sorry to be so late with my reply to Your invitation to the "India Defence Forum" ... but to admit I'm skeptical since especially in the China-section a very special friend of me is one of the most dominant members. I'm not sure if it would be good to join that forum too.
    But I did. A discrete avionics sub-system like RWR can be upgraded by itself. For example, on the F-16, the flight control computer (FLCS) is pretty much the same digital version since the C/D models, whereas the radar and other sub-systems have been continually upgraded. Remember, the original F-16 was all analog.

    What make an aircraft '4th' or '5th' gen is the integration of all sub-systems into one working package -- frozen in time. So if you want to install a '5th gen' RWR sub-system into a '4th gen' aircraft, as long as you are able to modify the communication protocols and integration with the other '4th gen' sub-systems, you are fine. Currently, the existing '4th gen' RWR sub-system cannot cue the missile, but there are no technical barriers for it.
    There are no technical barriers for what you asked. The issue is always -- money. The thing is that if the current airframe you want to modify require so much time and money, why not just design a whole new fighter? It is always easier to downgrade than to upgrade.
    Invincible Mode lolllllllllllllllll

    Mazaa ata hai is tarah chhup 2 ke invisible hokar dekhne mei
    i cant tell you other wise i have to kill you :P

    dental, thats very nice, i have admiration for all guys related to medical field, very hard to get into
    I know you did not answer it completely... still waiting expert comments ..cheers
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