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  • I like your avatar. Does this represent or stand for some Indian school of thought or ideology?
    It's OK friends, soon we'll find a new thread to troll in it :lol:
    Where do you live in India? I mean which city?
    Why should I care about other? When I liked your post and I have full right to thank you. BTW. I don't think other care what we do.

    Dekho dost. Jaisay ki mainay bolo tha. Mainay apko islia thanks diya kiyuki mujhay woh post bahut acha laga tha. Koi jo sochay sochnay do. I will thank you whenever I like your post in future. Aur muhay koi nahi rok sakta hai.

    Sorry late say jawab denay k lia. I can't see that someone leave massage for me bcoz of mobile version of PDF( aap ekbar mobile version say karkay kiyu nahi dek laytay).
    Bro. I use opera mini in my mobile and as well as mobile version of PDF .so. I can't thank anybody by using opera mini which i use normally but whenever when I think i have to thank person than I use UC browser which is currently I am using( which is very slow in my mobile. And can't do in opera). I thanked you because I really mean it. I use to live in itanagar which is my hometown and can't explain how much trouble I faced because of those refugees. Please trust me I really mean that. When I saw that post. I laughed for sometime and than decided to thank you( I closed my opera) than I saw that you recieved 99 thank( I can't see number of thank a person recieve in opera) and decided to congatzz you( I thanked despite a person killed bcoz they are bashing India without any reason). BTW. You should remove that thanks which i guess you given me( because I didn't saw that") and thank me when I deserve that and don't forget to congrats me.
    you dont need to PM me, but you can write visitor message in my profile as i have done.
    go to my profie to write visitor message
    Brother, I have not made a personal attack, I have just provoked him to look into himself and what he is bringing to the Country by his posts.
    We speek of people to people relationship and yet we do not make haters realize what they are brining to their country.
    Finaly one point "Evil prevails in the absence of Good"
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