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  • I don't appreciate sacks of sh!t like yourself threatening me on a public forum and asking mods for my IP address, especially during ramzan. So do me a bloody favour and keep your little trap shut, just because you disagree with me doesn't mean you can threaten me.
    Aj kal ap to pti ki side par ho gaye hain muamla kiya hay bhai :D ?
    Chalo acha hua ab ap bhi aik muhibe watan national party kay himayte ban gaye :D
    If you posting this thread, don't you think it should be posted in indian, or general category/section

    @waz Sir is it possible to move it to from pakistani defence section to general section
    Yes the arrogance that USA puppet had is visible from your post yes he was single party still was right and USA puppet Musharraf was wrong and because of Musharraf and his slavery of USA we lost 90000 Pakistanis. Kiyani was not soft his contributions can't be counted. Unfortunately he had to clear mess created by USA puppet Musharraf.
    Are you still IN Japan, cause your status, shows in multan.
    Contact me If you, like
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