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  • thnx for supporting me in another thread ..... i am unable to control my emotions ........
    did you listen ........ hum dakhain gay lazim hay k dakhain gay?>
    I am asking you the same question??:))
    i send you a msg on fb to but no rep :((
    Oh I see....what aroused my curiosity was Meru/Mehru is the name of the sacred mountain in Hindu/Buddhist/Jain scriptures. It is defined as the centre of the spiritual and physical universes.
    Can I know, of course it is your discretion, the reason behind the choice of your nick ,"Mehru" ?
    "A case of mistaken identity" (?).......... Do I see another Alfred Hitchcock fan, just like me? :)

    I usually don't venture outside the India defence section so it is quite possible for you to get confused. Anyway, I appreciate your honesty in owning up and assure you that there are no hard feelings on this side of the border as well.So, let the knives be sheathed (for the time being, of course) ;)

    P.S. Requesting you to kindly edit the relevant portions of concerned posts in the thread. I'll do the same as well. Thanks!
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