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  • Would love your input there but brace yourself, I've been fighting a bit of a lost war against Chinese nationalism there as a mod.
    Hi, a quick message to let you know there is a China defence forum up and running. I invite you to participate. We have a fledgling translator team that will be translating unique Chinese defence content into English as well as a culture section where we will post tid bits offering insight into Chinese language and culture.

    If you are interested, check us out.

    Ganimi Ji why aren't you online lately?!
    I enjoy reading your posts and know that i will continue to do so in the future too.
    Hope you are back,
    hehe, it was such a hassel! i read online defence articles al the time for fun, sometimes i found somthing very interesting and insightful and these ones are mostly difficult to find again if u forgort to save to ur msword! i still remember I did an essay about NMD control and command system, I got first class for it``but now i counldnt find any of those references i found from internet!! (maybe due to their sensitivity were banned)

    so my suggestions of finding any insightful information from internet, just copy and paste it to ur MS word!! f**k plagiarism!! :D
    i read a l--o-ng long article from an india official website, it says French Dessualt hired as airdynamic consultant for LCA project. i remember i googled LCA and i believe the link was amonst the first page, not Wiki or answers.com`
    May shed some light on your academic background; mine is exhibited quiet clearly on my profile page.

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