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  • Assalam u Alaikum.

    Seeing you and SURB, one thing I can say is... kanjooosi :P
    lolz dont take it seriously! :D
    hello, in present times of despair, we need to project every little positive about our armed forces. this will surely help improving he image of military in eyes of national and international community.

    these day, the military is busy in helping the flood effected people in Sindh. i have started a thread to cover the event. it will be really nice if you can take out some time and visit:


    a bit of your appreciation and contribution regarding this event is required.

    thanks in advance!
    That's good.:) & it's better if you undergo these tests during the acute phase of disease.I mean the CXR, the complete blood picture with peripheral eosinophil percentage, absolute eosinophil count & lung function tests.
    Have you undergone any tests previously?

    Get your Mantoux done.
    CXR(chest Xray)
    complete blood picture with peripheral eosinophil percentage, absolute eosinophil count.
    Pulmonary function test (PFT)
    Visit N.I.H here in Islamabad to sort out allergens.

    Better use sour food material less frequently if you can and see if things gets better.You know if your body is allergic,avoiding allergins is the best policy.If you want immunotherapy,then NIH will be helpful for you for sure; they will do skin tests with allergens, specific
    IgE estimation with RAST or ELISA.

    Or due to recurrent condition there may be Nasal polyps,which are further degrading the airway passage(but that is not so common, common in male patients though).....routine anterior rhinoscopy examination from and ENT specialist will help here.

    Treatment will be targeted if we sort out the cause.
    Well you haven't mentioned the weight .... Is there a history of weight loss? and something about the duration since you are facing such problem.For how many years or it's right from the childhood?

    And do you think it's seasonal or happens through out the year........cold summer....spring....every season.

    Breathing difficulty via nostrils is common in flu,but do you get hindrance during mouth breathing.And if it happens too,does it happens in the early hours ,i mean in the morning or at evening??

    What are the drugs you have used till now, and how much relief you get from those regimens...?
    If i were there i would like to do anterior Rhinoscopy .....(to examine you nasal cavity in detail)

    I wanted to ask the age.Your weight
    Do you get a fever everytime with bodyaches.

    What's the cycle usually 6 to 7 days or more?

    Are you allergic to any kind of stuff,drugs, pillows,dust, food items or anything you use regularly.....and it's happening since when ,i mean started a year or two before or since childhood.

    What's the secretions look like ,thin watery or think yellowish or reddish.

    Do you get a cough as well?

    Any asthma complain or medical condition you wanna like to mention?

    Are the other family members normal?

    I'm logging off right now.......will contact you later after aftari....:)
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