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  • Yaar bohat hee daranaa bandaa hai aur achaa yeh profile pic mein aap khud hain jo aap ke pant kahin aiseee jagaaa pe ghusss gai hai jahaan nahin jaani chahiyee ! :P
    Ahhh, I'm glad to hear that ! So maybe I'll drop by Afghanistan some time ! Yaar asal mein baat yeh hai keh I've only met 2 Afghans in my life and they bad-mouthed everything from the ISI to Punjabis and worst of all to Jinnah ! And the last one really pissed me off...! Fauj ke khilaaf baat karnei hai..koi baat nahin ! Punjab aur Punjabiyoon ke khilaaf kaarneei hai koi baat nahin ! But No one...no one abuses Our Father ! Khair...wrror have a nice day ! Aur phir aaj tou Sunday thaaa koi Halwa Purri shoorii khai ? :)
    Oye, laalay ! Hows life ? Yaar eik cheez tou bataaa kabhi Afghanistan jaaanaaa howa hai aap ka ? How does the average Afghan view us Pakistanis ?
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