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  • @Kambojaric I was planning on sharing some additional findings through some primary source material to that thread "Debunking the claim of 200 000 rapes in 1971" so that future researchers can see and use it. Could you allow me to share it on that thread (I see Waz has locked it). Could you re-open it temporarily so I can add some new findings on it?
    Assalamualaikum bhai

    Please make this thread I started into a sticky. I don't think there's as detailed a refutation as mine to this myth.

    It would help if this thread was turned into a sticky so that more people can see it and future researchers can consult it to counter this propaganda
    Salam - if the thread was created to malign Pakistan then please do the right thing and ban the one changing the title and creating a flame baiting thread to teach him a lesson?
    Btw, do you have any screenshot of Soomro/Sindh Kingdom region in CKII?
    I'll download CKII tonight or tomorrow and screenshot it on that thread. Got CK2 on steam but uninstalled at the moment cuz I've been playing EU4 and Mount and Blade the past couple of weeks.
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    Can I contact you by email? Regarding international law.
    It depends. I cant actually give any professional legal advice since im not a practicing lawyer let alone one who specializes in International Law. My experience with international law rather is purely theoretical based on the LLB Degree I have completed here in the UK. If you are still interested then sure give me your email or vice versa I can give you mine.
    What will be the Impact on Middle East if USA, Russia, China & India backs Israel

    I opened a thread on World Affairs Please post your comment, It’s Research Journalism
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