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  • there is very known laal cowk in Srinagar where Kashmiris on every 14 augest wave Pakistani flag aur Srinagar ki fazayen PAKISTAN ZINDABAD aur JEEVE JEEVE PAKISTAN ke falak shigaf nairun se goonj uthti hen.
    now its burning and bleeding valley.yeah they enjoy snowfall and in kashmiri it is known as sheen.they celebrate sheen and greet each other and say seen mubarak.
    I m from Rajouri(occupied Kashmir) and here from Lahore(mughal pura).fine?
    but I feel that i m somewhere in kashmir may be rajouri,srinagar,ladakh,baramura,purwara...............
    i m physically in lahore but i feel my soul is there.that's very true....................
    oh really u know that u live in this world.........fine and wow u also knew that kashmir is a disputed issue,wow amazing.if u really knew then why u wrote 'I thought u live in Srinagar,that's why i was little bit surprised to know that u r a Pakistani'.huh??????????????
    for your very very very kind information Mr. blacken the sky Kashmir is a disputed and occupied territory according to 1991 UN resolution and majority of Kashmir wanna join Pakistan and they are fighting war of their freedom in which they have lost hundred and 5 thousands,15000 rapes and more than 6000 graves in last 2 years and thousands are still missing.What they are doing,they are doing for their freedom and you don't have any right to call them 'indians' b/c they say 'we are Pakistanis' we are not indians UNO'.
    this clothes industry is almost destroyed of load shedding...sad.there is also ghanta ghar in faisalabad.its name was kept fesalabad on shah fesal's name in 1971 by bhuttu.
    I didnot brought kashmir and i will inshaALLAH every where.

    its fine................
    where do u from in Pakistan?
    yeah I remeber you.how can I forget you.A man having Pakistan roots very fresh Pakistani roots( parents) was attacking a PAKISTANI girl just for a russian girl.I remeber you bro.lol
    sorry if u mind.
    X JapanWithin TemptationTarja]Therion]Nightwish]Epica]Kamelot]after forever] rhapsody of fire ]sonata arctica]xandria]sirenia]leaves eyes]

    1.- Haggard - Awaking the Centuries (Ger)
    2.- Liva - Terra Superbit (Can)
    3.- Tetriconia - Etherea (Mex)
    4.- UneXpecT - Megalomaniac Trees (Can)
    5.- Dark Lunacy - Dolls (Ita)
    6.- Epica - Fools of Damnation (Net)
    7.- Illuminandi - Hymn of All Creation (Pol)
    8.- Furia - ... L'Oratoire de La Folie (Fra)
    9.- After Forever - Monolith of Doubt (Net)
    10.- Therion - The Flight of the Lord of Flies (Swe)
    I see, thank you. To me you are not Pakistani. Somewhere closed to Arab cultures and Music stuffs. Great, see you in 2015! :D
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