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  • Oh, sad to hear that. How is it now, i hope he get's released soon.

    So, how's your studies going, what are you studying now??
    Yes, i am fine too. Didn't see you for sometime so, decided to see if everything's ok, glad to hear from you. Good Night.
    W/salam.. lol, ya i watched that match it was good and nail biting. The best team won. Ya, i was happy :D
    I didn't say that i hate Pakistan, i just said that i don't have patriotic feelings that's all, My sis is studying in PK, cause there is no such high standard medical college here. I can't tell which college she studies over here, i will PM you that college's name.
    Me Pakistan isiliye nahi aata kyounke dil nahi karta, yaha hi paida hua yaha hi rehta hoo, BBA ke baad Canada ya UK ka plan hai bas phir wahi zindagi.. Pakistan shayed hi aao. Mere parents aate hai Pak visit karne infact meri behan lahore me university me hai, She's becoming a doctor there and will return soon once she finishes it. Patrioti feeling really itni khaas nahi hate me for that but it's true. But, still you never know shayed chakar lag hi jaye kabhi. Khandani dushmani? lol, nahi aesi koi baat nahi. kis maai ke laal me dum hai ke mujhse panga le xD.
    lol. First thing, i don't know punjabi, second i hardly speak urdu, i usually talk in english.. anyways good to know that you are doing well, and ya, you always reply me with a bash, i am used to it now....:P
    That's it, itni si baat thi, and see everything is clear now aur tumne mujhpe be waja itne hamle kiye. Btw, have you ever been to Sirinagar, i heard it looks cool and people enjoy snowfall, i love snowfall :)
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