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Sadr city T-72 turret


Modified T-54/55 turret as coastal artillery in Finland
@Eland76: what do you make of this? (it's a Saracen, obviously, but what of the gun: same barrel as on Eland, but its appears the standard MG turret. Fake barrel?)

From APCs,Anti tank tracked & wheeled systems | Page 11

ps: interestingly, SAF defence forces adopted Rooikat with 76mm rather than 105mm (export version)

I've seen that same Saracen myself - it's a training target/mock up with a dummy gun from the AML armoured cars. Now on display at Sandstone Estates, near Ficksburg in RSA. Fully restored, still runs and drives well. The 90mm cannon obviously doesn't work, there's no firing mechanism plus no room in that tiny turret for the recoil!!

I'd take the 76mm over the 105mm any day because it has a much faster rate of fire, better recoil, and is more than capable of dealing with anything South African armour can reasonably expect to encounter (T-55/62 tanks, etc). That's why the 105mm Rooikat is only for export.
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How is it controlled? By remote or are there people underground :what:
With a crew in a bunker. The 100/56 TK coastal gun (100 mm caliber, length of the barrel - 56 calibers) was invented in 1969. Now it is a history because these systems were decommisioned in 2007. It was made on the basis of Soviet tank T-55 gun.The turret has camouflage coverings of fiberglass.

Northern Fortress: Coastal Artillery - Santahamina - 100/56 TK - practice gun (series of pics)
Northern Fortress: Coastal Artillery - Santahamina - Helsingfors roadstead

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In my opinion the German 8.8cm Flak 18/36/37/41 (for it's time ofcourse) was the best gun.
Used as an Anti Aircraft weapon:


Used as an Anti-Tank weapon:


Used as a field howitzer:


Used in the Tiger tank:


Used on an SPG/Mobile AA:


Used on Soviet T34 captured by Germans:


Rate of fire was a whooping 20 RPM.
Basically this was a German universal "blow shit up" gun used on almost everything and almost all roles.

bonus picture:
Hi Guys,
Is there anyone who can tell me all the type of guns being used for firing ammunition. Let's say, gatling gun, machine gun, cannons. Please add few more, its really important.
Being very precise, i need to know the type of gun used on naval ship, fighter aircraft, helicopter, howitzer, tank, IFV, APC, MRAP, among others.
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