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Talks between Saudi Arabia and Turkey on the transfer of technology to manufacture ballistic missiles

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Feb 13, 2012
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Talks are taking place between the “Sami” company and the Turkish company “Roketsan” regarding technology transfer and production licensing for the production of local models of short-range ballistic missiles “Typhoon” with a range of 500 km, according to the “Tactical Report” website, which specializes in security and defense.

According to experts, the current state of negotiations between the two parties is the subject of great interest and wide follow-up, as the Saudi Defense Industries Company “Sami” seeks to achieve an agreement with the Turkish “Roketsan” to transfer technology and obtain a license to produce ballistic missiles “Typhoon” on the territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Sources say that Riyadh's main condition for concluding the agreement is to guarantee the technology of local production of missiles, with the aim of achieving greater independence in the capacity of military defense and controlling the production and development of these modern weapons.

This condition reflects Saudi Arabia's desire to enhance its military capabilities and develop its domestic industrial base.

According to the indications, Roketsan supports this potential deal, as this agreement is an opportunity to enhance bilateral cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Turkey in the field of arms industry and defense technology.

Although the exact details of the agreement have not yet been announced, talk about technology transfer and localization of the weapons industry reflects Saudi Arabia's commitment to achieving self-sufficiency in its military capabilities and relying on local industry and technology that enhances the sustainability and future development of the armed forces.

With the stability of developments, everyone is looking forward to the positive results that may emerge from these negotiations, as they will have an impact on the bilateral relations between Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and will contribute to achieving local military technology and enhancing security.

Turkish technology can play a role in regional deterrence for S.Arabia against Iran

500+ km TAYFUN Short-Range Ballistic Missile (SRBM)

1.000+ km CENK Medium-Range Ballistic Missile ( MRBM )

CENK will be able to hit targets at ranges 1000+ km. The missile will get flaps to adjust its flight direction




Roketsan KARA-ATMACA land based Cruise Missile with range of up to 500 km ( with indigenous KTJ-3500 turbojet engine )



also Roketsan develops GEZGIN land based strategic Cruise Missile with range of up to 1.000 km ( with indigenous ARAT turbojet engine )

even Turkiye can give long range Kamikaze Drones to S.Arabia

800 km KARGI

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Wondering what happened to Grom-2 project with Ukraine?!

Like this news.


Typhoon is a strategic weapon, official 561+ km range, more like 1000km range. Let sell it but tranfser of technology 😄 . If i remember correct, they have the bleuprints of a ballistic missile, that was almost 8 years ago. That was from Ukraine to.
Wondering what happened to Grom-2 project with Ukraine?!
I suspect that just as with a lot of the other projects from the ukrainian mic,it turned out to be just so much vaporware........or it required a daddy warbucks with very deep pockets to fund the entire program.......or both. :azn:

Turkish technology can play a role in regional deterrence for S.Arabia against Iran

Well,well,it looks like ♂️Dirk Digglers♂️ turkish cousin has started posting in the thread......:rolleyes:
Good finally HH king Salman understand the growth is only possible to work with regional friends and partners
We can be friends with everyone in the Middle East except Iran and Israel. We have historical ties with all of them.

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