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Suspected Al Shabaab terrorists in Kenya linked to Obama family


Apr 25, 2012
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Kenyan police officers continued their anti-terrorism operations on Sunday when they killed or arrested suspected members of a Somalia-based Islamist group, one of whom lived in the same western Kenya location as some family members of President Barack Obama who are alleged Muslim Wahhabists, according to sources. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

A suspect, Omar Faraj, who was allegedly involved in Wednesday's bombings that killed a police officer and two other suspected members of the Somalia-based al-Qaeda-affiliate, Al Shabaab, was killed by police officers who raided the suspect's home in Mombasa, Kenya, on Sunday morning, an Israeli police and counterterrorism source informed the Law Enforcement Examiner.

The source stated that the 29-year-old Faraj had been kept under close surveillance by a team of detectives from the police department's anti-terrorism bureau in Nairobi. Police were fearful that there would be retaliation from either Somali or Kenyan Muslims who dominate parts of Kenya.

The police also arrested a terrorism suspect in a nearby village on the Kenyan coast and confiscated several firearms and hand-grenades during their search for contraband.

The police identified that suspect as Titus Nyabiswa, 26, who had converted to Islam in the western part of that African country. Surprisingly, members of President Barack Obama's family are Muslims living in western Kenya, but the White House and the Obama national security team have been silent regarding al-Qaeda activity in the president's ancestral home, according to the Law Enforcement Examiner source.

Nyabiswa reportedly possessed several bomb detonators when he was arrested by highway patrol officers manning a police road block and he was handed over to the anti-terrorism police unit.

Police say the suspect and his accomplices were planning to carry out an attack in Kenya's second-largest city of Mombasa that has been the target of several grenade attacks in the past year.

It was considered a major breakthrough in the war against terrorism in Kenya amid reports of planned terror attacks since the liberation of Somalia port of Kismayo by Kenyan Defense Forces (KDF), said the Israeli source who specializes in North African terrorist groups.

It's widely known that hundreds of Kenyan youths and foreigners who had joined Al Shabaab, an ally of al-Qaeda, secretly entered Kenya in order to carryout terrorist attacks on Christian churches and public assembly facilities in Nairobi and Mombasa.

According to best-selling author Ed Klein in a World Net Daily news story, since his inauguration, President Obama’s family in Kenya has been on a mission to use the Obama name to transform Kenya from the nation’s current Christian majority to an Islamic majority that will spread Islamic law, or Shariah, through the country.

Klein's article claims the Kenyan Obama family members are devout fundamentalist Muslims known as Wahhabists, although there are no reports of membership in the al-Qaeda-affiliate Al Shabaab. Wahhabism originated in Saudi Arabia and is considered extremist by many Muslims.

Suspected Al Shabaab terrorists in Kenya linked to Obama family - National Law Enforcement | Examiner.com

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