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Peshawar Updates.....

Upgradation of Arbab Niaz Cricket Stadium will be completed in 2021 and PSL matches will be held in Peshawar. Crowd capacity is being increased to over 35,000 from 16,000. 4 Star Hotel, Cricket Academy, new Pavilion & Press Gallery being constructed by KP Government

An economic One also planned for fata. This can change the face of the area.
Dispute our issues with Afghanistan when it comes to trade and connectivity we must catch everyopertunity of connection with Afghanistan. The movement must always be government but there should be train and road links. Every city in Afghanistan should be linked to our ports. Dependent. economically on us. Benefit for both. Only then they stop meddling in our affairs.
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government has allocated funds for the renovation of Arbab Niaz Cricket Stadium in Peshawar; the construction work is swifly progressing. The stadium will be holding International and PSL matches in the coming years.




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