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Mar 21, 2007
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Haier Pakistan exports to nine countries in 2023​

By Fatima Javed
Aug 7, 2023

ISLAMABAD,-To further boost Pakistan's economy, the Chinese multinational home appliances and consumer electronics company, Haier Pakistan, commenced its exports to nine different countries in 2023.

Javed Afridi, CEO of Haier and Ruba Pakistan, recently shared the news, stating that Pakistan will serve as the new export hub for the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa regions. Haier Pakistan has successfully exported its products to these nine countries.

He further mentioned that the company achieved remarkable growth of 35% in the home appliances industry, attaining the highest market share of 52% in the first half of the current year. Haier Pakistan is manufacturing products that will set global benchmarks.

Currently, the company is exporting Inverter refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, Smart LED TVs, kitchen appliances, and other home appliances to countries such as Tunisia, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Djibouti, and Yemen.

Pakistan catching ride on global EV boom​

By Karim Ali
Aug 8, 2023

EV momentum is accelerating globally. Statistics from International Energy Agency (IEA) show that in 2022, one in every seven passenger cars bought worldwide was an EV as compared with one in every 70 just five years earlier. Last year, EV sales rose by 55%, reaching a total of 10.5 million, according to the EV Volumes sales database.
Pakistan, in its timely joining the trend, is ramping up cooperation with international EV giants to amplify its own competence.

Last month, Automobile brand Huazi Green Energy, a joint Pakistan-China venture, announced the plan to display the first electric car in Islamabad this month, achieving yet another score in Pakistan’s EV endeavour. In May, Chinese vehicle manufacturing company Huaihai in collaboration with its Pakistani partner announced that it is seeking to expand its existing business by investing $10 million in manufacturing electric vehicles, starting with two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles in Punjab.

Among the global players, China’s presence in the international EV market has become too prominent to be neglected Among the global EV sales, 59% are contributed by China, which is also the world’s biggest EV producer, with 64% of global volume. In the first half of this year, China’s EV brand BYD witnessed a record-breaking 95.8% increase y-o-y of cumulative sales, snapping global sales champion. Last month, the country rolled the 20 millionth EV vehicle off the assembly line.

Pakistan is not the only country that has set its eye on the biggest automaker in the world as international venerable auto brands are trying to snatch a share of China’s EV dividend.

A number of Chinese companies such as BAIC, Changan, JAC Motors, Great Wall Motors, MG, FAW, and Chery Automobile have established their presence and even formed joint ventures in Pakistan, driving the EV industry in the country towards intelligence and electrification.

“While there is a long way to go for Pakistan to build the EV infrastructure, cut down EV prices, and produce parts locally, we have a lot to benefit from the technology transfer from global tycoons like China. On my visit to one of the EV manufacturing hubs in China, Yangtze River Delta, I was surprised to see that a new energy vehicle can be produced within four hours, with chips and software from Shanghai, batteries from Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, and integrated die-casting machine from Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. In the complete, highly-efficient supply chain, there are countless models for us to learn from”, a Lahore-based automobile seller
Ha, we bought a Haier washing mashine two weeks ago. Ok, i dont know if there are differences between european and asien market with the production ect., but the mashine work well till now and is very silent.

DELI-JW Glassware starts production​

By Mariam Raheem
Oct 13, 2023

LAHORE- DEL-JW Glassware Co. Ltd.'s first furnace was successfully ignited at 11:18 am on October 12, marking the official start of production of this China-Pakistan joint venture.

DELI-JW Glassware starts production

Launching and contract signing of DELI-JW Co., Ltd

Deli-JW is a notable joint venture between DELI Glass, a leading glassware manufacturing company and the first listed company for daily glassware in China, and JW SEZ, one of the largest conglomerates in Pakistan.

In 2018, Deli Glass entered into a partnership with JW SEZ with the vision of establishing a state-of-the-art glassware production base in Pakistan.

With a total investment of RMB 430 million, the joint venture covers an area of 150,000 square meters and provides 500 jobs, including 80 Chinese employees currently.

The company has a production capacity of 130 tons of glassware per day and a monthly output value of RMB 26 million, with an initial product category of up to 30 types and 280 products in total. This can not only serve Pakistan's domestic demand, but also has huge potential in terms of export.

Asad Rehman Gillani, Federal Secretary, Government of Pakistan and Ibrahim Hasan Murad, Minister Mines & Minerals, Livestock and Dairy and Transport, witnessed the ignition ceremony.

3P Pakistan Expo fuels Pak-China partnership in plastics industry​

By Saira Iqbal
Oct 18, 2023

KARACHI - The Pakistan Plas Print Pack Exhibition (3P PAKISTAN 2023), a premier event in Pakistan's rubber and plastics industry, was held at the Karachi Exhibition Center from October 12th to 14th. The exhibition facilitated collaboration opportunities and showcased cutting-edge products and technologies, which attracted 18,000 visitors and exhibitors from 26 countries.

Chinese companies such as Powerjet and Sanyang stood out among the exhibitors, showcasing their latest products and seeking partnerships with local businesses.

"The exhibition serves as a vital platform for industry professionals, manufacturers, and buyers to network, exchange ideas, and explore the latest trends and innovations in the rubber and plastics sector. We have already established cooperation intentions with several Pakistani companies.

Our goal is to collaborate in research and development and expand our products and services to tap into wider international markets," stated the sales manager of Powerjet. At the exhibition, Powerjet showcased its star products, including injection molding machines and extrusion and blow molding machines.

The presence of Chinese companies further promoted economic collaboration and mutual growth between Pakistan and China in the plastics industry. The participation of international exhibitors elevated the significance of the 3P Pakistan Exhibition as a platform for facilitating cross-border cooperation and showcasing industry advancements on a global scale.

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