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New Islamabad Airport Progress







Can anyone who have actually traveled from new Islamabad airport answer the below?

These first pictures are not very promising to be honest. The airport already look over crowded not sure how many people it will ACTUALLY be able to handle when all flight operations start in full swing. Have anyone been there? Traveled from the new airport? Please share;
  1. Seating arrangement. Are there MORE than enough chairs and how comfortable are these?
  2. Food: How were the food stalls/tuck shops?
  3. Duty Free Area?
These first two points will really shape up the traveling experience from the airport. Esp seating capacity and comfort rating.

Thank you. :)
Mesmerizing Art Projects At Islamabad Airport


After multiple behind schedule work and delays New International Islamabad Airport (IIA) has finally started its operation on 3rd of May 2018.

The continuous delay in the completion of Islamabad Airport would be completely justified if someone just has a sight of its breathtaking artwork.

The art project at Islamabad Airport is one of its exclusive features. The artwork will provide the visitor an instant glimpse of country’s rich heritage and the work of some internationally renowned artists of Pakistan.


Islamabad is the state of the art airport that welcome and goodbye with some of the archetype pieces of ceramic art, truck art, and fine art.


Islamabad Airport will provide you a complete pleasure of some art gallery. The visitor will come across the large its domestic and international check-in counters with walls and ceiling containing large-scale artwork on it. As you walk through the airport you will encounter the best art pieces painted by some of the finest international artists including Meher Afroz, Ali Kazim, Amin Gulgee, Adeela Suleman, Imran Qureshi and Aisha Khalid.

At the departure of the airport, you will visit the finest artwork defining traditional craft of Pakistan. There is an exploration of style and pattern here within traditional parameters of grid and arabesque, with the medium ranging from copper and ceramics to wood and stone.

The State Lounge has a magnificent wall decorated with Naqashi (traditional fresco) in the almost extinct Mughal tradition. A joyous celebration of color greets arriving passengers at both Domestic and International Terminals. This is Truck Art in all its whimsical glory. The Art Project offers a quiet moment of reflection to every traveler in his eternal quest.

Without further ado let’s just indulge in the glory of IIA Artwork,



Birds finely crafted in copper hover over a courtyard.









An exquisite truck art greets arriving passengers at both Domestic and International Terminals with.The Art Project offers a quiet moment of reflection to every traveler in his eternal quest.



World's largest passenger aircraft lands at new Islamabad airport

ISLAMABAD: The biggest passenger airplane of the world, Airbus A380, landed on the new Islamabad International Airport today (Sunday).

The Airbus A380 is a double-deck, wide-body, four-engine jet airliner which is the world's largest passenger airliner.

The aircraft was given water salute at the new airport, which is the largest airport in the country.

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CAA Pakistan@AirportPakistan


Ladies & Gentlemen - #EK2524 the first ever A380 to land in Pakistan - TOUCHDOWN!

3:18 AM - Jul 8, 2018
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It will be a landmark in the aviation history of the Pakistan. The Civil Aviation Authority has granted permission to a Middle Eastern airline, which will fly the giant aircraft, to bring the airplane to Pakistan.

First flight of A380 will arrive with 650 passengers on board from Dubai. It will land in Islamabad at 12:30 am, Private news channel reported.

The double-decker plane stands 80-foot high from the ground and has a speed of 945 kilometers per hour with its four powerful turbo engines. The giant airplane weighs 577 tons, its length is 240 feet and the wing span is 260 feet.

A380 can accommodate up to 868 passengers. It has the capacity to carry 323, 545 litres of fuel, which is equal to 85471 gallons.

First landing experience at IIAP:

After enjoying a 2-week long vacation, I returned to ISB this morning (13th July 2018) on EK-612.

Landing: It had rained just before my flight landed, and many flights were diverted to LHE and then returned to ISB after some time. Thankfully, EK was not diverted, and we landed safely at 7:40 AM. Runway was damp, and there were puddles on the tarmac, nice to see PIA and Qatar B777s, along with Turkish A330. I wish there were more widebodies, anyway, landing was fine, quickly taxied to the gate within 5 minutes as well.

Getting off the aircraft: I wanted to laugh, there was what looked like a monkey in a CAA uniform trying to operate the ADELTE Passenger Boarding bridge (PBB). I could see out my seat window that the guy operating it clearly had no idea what he was doing. He kept moving it side to side, up and down, couldn't keep it stable or align it properly with the aircraft door. Not even lying, all the passengers were standing up inside because the doors hadn't opened yet since that idiot couldn't even align the PBB. What a shame.
I haven't been to LHE/KHI recently, but is it the same there?

Getting off the aircraft was straight forward, you walk through the PBB, one CAA member is guiding passengers to immediately take a left towards arrivals.
Eventually you get to the immigration counters, it's a huge hall, impressed with the size, and the orderly fashion in which people were standing in lines. However, it's no different than BBIA in terms of capacity. What's the point of showing off this many counters when 7 of them were closed due to lack of staff to operate them?

Note: I had made friends with a member of airport security in old ISB airport, and he was not here personally today, but he had one of his colleagues help me out with baggage etc. While waiting in immigration line, he said that the airport is still a mess, even 2 months after opening. Breakdowns in the check-in system for airlines is a daily occurrence, along with the constant failure of baggage carousels.
I was happy to hear that out of all foreign carriers, EK was performing the best, despite the hurdle I faced when leaving ISB. QR, EY and TK are having issues with check-in and baggage offloading.
He also mentioned that both EK and Dnata staff were dreading the commercial launch of A380 flights to/from ISB, they are barely able to cope with the load of 350-400 pax, how will they deal with 600? This is probably why the first flight has been pushed from 20th July to 10th August.

Baggage claim:
It was baggage carousel 2, I waited for around 10 minutes, and all I could see spinning on and on, were bags for Turkish Airlines passengers, since it had arrived late, the bags were being sent the same time as EK. TK bags finished finally and my bags started coming, for the first time in my entire life of arriving in Pakistan, priority baggage was actually given some priority.

Considering QR, TK and EK had just arrived in quick succession, the arrivals area was packed with people.
I remember someone mentioning there was only one elevator to get to the parking area above, well there is, but I didn't use it. There is a sloped moving walkway, so I put the luggage trolley on that, and took it up to my car.

Unfortunately didn't get any pictures, was too tired from being up all night for this flight. The timings are ridiculous.
Here are some videos I filmed of the takeoff and landing at new ISB airport:


Peshawar Morr-Islamabad Airport Metrobus Corridor

I landed at the new Islamabad airport on 16th June 2018. At first sight, It was fascinating to see the Airport clean and spacious. The service itself was terrible though.

- Lack of staff resulted in luggage arriving 2.5-3 hours late. Someone posted a video of a man in his 60s protesting, I was THERE that day. It went all crazy. He and at least 30-40 went on to protest and starting chanting against Nawaz Sharif. The staff were clueless, had no clue what to do and had no answer as to why luggages were arriving late!

Otherwise, it looks good. I just hope the material is good enough to last.

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