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The Punjab government has formulated a business plan to increase the revenue for Orange Line Metro Train (OLMT), according to a news report published on March 23.

In order to curtail revenue losses and boost profits for the OLMT project, the provincial government has planned to lease out 27 stations to interested firms. These stations will be handed-over on a one-year lease. The plan also includes the construction of commercial shops at different stations

This was a no go area inside Lahore Fort till 2015.
The Walled City of Lahore Authority started its conservation and completed it in 2019.
The PM of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan inaugurated this site after conservation.


Chowk Wazir Khan, where sufi events are held for the last four years.
This Chowk, was den of beggars, rickshaws, encroached shops horse carts and waste.
it was retrieved and developed as a Community space by the WCLA in partnership with AKTC.


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What's the status of Lahore ring road's final section?
Imran Khan promised publicly to look after it personally... !!!
Great news for the people of Lahore & Pakistan!

Bidding process of the development of Ravi River Front's one of the 12 phases "Sapphire Bay" has been successfully completed yesterday.

This phase spans over 2000 acres area, and economic activity worth 150 Billion Rs is expected.

First Drive- Through Vaccination Facility

Conservation of the British era arsenal depot "Barood Khana" at Lahore Fort by WCLA.

The place was buried under 150000 cubic feet of debris and wild growth. the building of Barood Khana is now being used as a seminar and a meeting room.

PTI is not interested in entertaining lahoris with any major development. Enjoy the old roads. what is the need of facilitating PMLN voter with ring road.
Pindi ring road has slipped from active list too.
The new building of the Punjab Provincial Assembly inaugurated today.



Punjab govt. water conservation policies showing results - it has stopped fall in Lahore's Groundwater for first time since 1980 thru effective water recycling policies, new aquifer charges, underground rain storage, timed well pumping & other targeted actions.

LDA proposes multi-story buildings along Metro Bus, Orange Line routes

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) informed the government that the vacant lands near the Metro Bus route and Orange Train will be utilised to develop multi-story buildings, news sources reported. The project’s revenue will be utilised to subsidise public transit.

According to the authority’s plan presented to the P&D Board, after conducting a survey they have identified 1,400 kanals of unused land along the Orange Train track and 800 kanals of government land along the Metro Bus route. The authority also informed the Advisor to the CM Dr Salman Shah about the project, and he directed LDA to undertake added research on the project’s feasibility.

Reportedly, plans are being made to repay a PKR 165 billion loan obtained from China for the Orange Line train.
Plan formalised to turn Walton Airport Lahore land into a business center

The Central Business District Authority (CBDA) has authorised plans to build a commercial market on the Walton airport property, news sources reported. The authority has devised a plan to begin economic activities in the city worth PKR 60 billion.

The strategy will be created in collaboration with private developers and builders.

According to the sources, the CBDA has sanctioned the development plan of 770,000 sq ft of land. Of the proposed land plan:

• 17% would be used for the development of residential buildings,
• 43% of the land will be used for the commercial centres and buildings
• 40% of the land will be used for mixed activities such as lifestyle, business centres and academies
• 180,000 sq.mt. the land will be used for the construction of road networks

On the other hand, the budget for the current and upcoming fiscal years – worth PKR 2.5 billion -was approved for CBDA. In addition, the Punjab government would offer a loan of PKR 100 million, repayable in two years. The feasibility studies, infrastructure design, and construction supervision would cost a total of PKR 940 million


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